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Dr. Tony Evans is a well-known American speaker, author, and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas. His ministry has reached millions of people across the United States and globally, making him a prominent figure in the Christian community. Over the years, his teachings, books, and public speaking engagements have garnered a large following.

Who is Dr. Tony Evans’ New Wife?

Dr. Tony Evans recently remarried, and his new wife is Dr. Carla Crummie. She is a Christian therapist, counsellor, author, and The Urban Alternative’s ambassador for kindness. Carla Crummie shares the same vision as her husband, focusing on Christian counselling and helping families and couples. Although she has maintained a private lifestyle, her marriage to Dr. Tony Evans has brought her into the public eye.

What is Dr. Carla Crummie’s Background?

Dr. Carla Crummie is a Christian therapist and counsellor with extensive experience in helping families and couples through her work. She is a certified life coach through the John Maxwell program, which emphasizes leadership and personal development. Carla’s professional background aligns closely with the mission of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and The Urban Alternative, both of which aim to strengthen families and communities through faith-based initiatives.

How Old is Dr. Carla Crummie?

Dr. Carla Crummie was born on August 13, 1970, making her 53 years old. Her husband, Dr. Tony Evans, was born on September 10, 1949, and is currently 74 years old. The age difference between them is over 21 years, but their shared vision and commitment to their faith have brought them together.

What Does Dr. Carla Crummie Do?

Dr. Carla Crummie is involved in various aspects of Christian counselling and life coaching. As a certified life coach by John Maxwell, she focuses on leadership and personal development from a Christian perspective. Carla also works as an ambassador for kindness with The Urban Alternative, promoting initiatives that encourage compassion and community support. Her work involves counselling couples and families, helping them navigate challenges and build stronger relationships through faith.

How Did Dr. Tony Evans and Dr. Carla Crummie Meet?

The details of how Dr. Tony Evans and Dr. Carla Crummie met have not been extensively publicized. However, it is clear that their shared commitment to Christian values and counselling played a significant role in bringing them together. Their union represents a merging of their professional and personal lives, both dedicated to serving their community through faith-based initiatives.

What is The Urban Alternative?

The Urban Alternative is a Christian ministry founded by Dr. Tony Evans. It focuses on spreading the teachings of Christianity and helping individuals and families through various programs and initiatives. The ministry aims to promote spiritual growth, provide practical help to those in need, and strengthen communities. Dr. Carla Crummie’s role as an ambassador for kindness within The Urban Alternative highlights her involvement in these goals.

How Has the Marriage Affected Dr. Tony Evans’ Ministry?

Dr. Tony Evans’ marriage to Dr. Carla Crummie has brought a renewed focus on family and relationships within his ministry. Their combined efforts in counselling and community support have the potential to expand the reach and impact of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and The Urban Alternative. The marriage also serves as a testament to their shared commitment to faith and service.

What is the Significance of Dr. Tony Evans’ Remarriage?

Dr. Tony Evans’ remarriage is significant as it highlights the importance of companionship and support in fulfilling one’s ministry. The union with Dr. Carla Crummie is seen as a partnership that will enhance their mutual goals of helping others through Christian counselling and community service. It also shows the personal side of Dr. Evans’ life, making him more relatable to his followers who look up to him for spiritual guidance.

What Can We Expect from Dr. Tony Evans and Dr. Carla Crummie in the Future?

As Dr. Tony Evans and Dr. Carla Crummie continue their journey together, we can expect an increased focus on family-oriented initiatives and counselling programs within their ministry. Their combined expertise and dedication are likely to bring new dimensions to their work, reaching more individuals and families in need of support. The future looks promising for their collaborative efforts to strengthen communities through faith and kindness.


Dr. Tony Evans and Dr. Carla Crummie’s marriage is a union built on shared values and a commitment to serving their community. While Dr. Evans is a renowned speaker and author, Dr. Crummie brings her expertise as a therapist and life coach to their joint mission. Their partnership not only enhances their personal lives but also strengthens their ministry’s impact on the lives of many. As they move forward together, their combined efforts are set to inspire and support countless individuals and families through faith-based counselling and community initiatives.

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