Tiger Woods Erica Herman, She Did Legal Action On Thier Ex Boyfriend!

In a surprising turn of events, Erica Herman, the former girlfriend of renowned golfer Tiger Woods, has officially withdrawn her legal claims against him and the trust managing his Florida estate. This decision closes chapters on a series of lawsuits that had attracted significant media attention due to their serious allegations and the high-profile nature of the individuals involved.

What Were the Allegations?

Initially, Herman brought forth a lawsuit against Woods and his trust, alleging wrongful eviction from the residence they once shared. She claimed damages of $30 million, suggesting that her removal from the home was both unjust and abrupt. In another legal move, Herman contested a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) she had with Woods, which became a focal point of their legal disputes.

Why Did Herman Drop the Lawsuits?

The exact reasons behind Herman’s decision to drop the lawsuits remain unclear as neither party has made extensive public comments on the details. However, the dismissal filings indicate a clear and mutual desire to resolve the matters privately, with each party agreeing to bear their own legal fees and costs. This suggests a negotiation or settlement might have been reached outside of court, which is common in disputes involving high-profile individuals to avoid public scrutiny and prolonged legal battles.

Were There Any Claims of Misconduct?

It’s important to note that in the process of these legal proceedings, allegations of sexual harassment were mentioned. However, Herman has explicitly stated through her voluntary dismissal notice that she “was never a victim of sexual harassment or sexual abuse at the hands of Tiger Woods or any of his agents.” This statement aims to clarify her stance and distance her claims from any allegations of sexual misconduct.

What Does This Mean for Both Parties Moving Forward?

The withdrawal of these lawsuits can significantly impact both Herman and Woods. For Woods, this resolution means a reduction in public and legal scrutiny, potentially allowing him to focus more on his professional golf career and personal life without the looming shadow of these allegations. For Herman, dropping the lawsuits might also provide a pathway to move forward, although the specifics of any agreements or settlements made are not disclosed, leaving the public to speculate on the terms.


The conclusion of this legal saga between Erica Herman and Tiger Woods closes a contentious chapter in the golfer’s life. While the details and motivations behind Herman’s decision to withdraw her lawsuits remain largely private, the resolution suggests a desire on both sides to avoid further conflict and litigation. As both parties move on, the focus will likely shift back to Woods’ career and Herman’s future endeavors outside of the legal arena.

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