Santtu Seppälä, Is He Married To Sarah Rafferty?

Sarah Rafferty, well known for her portrayal of Donna Paulsen on “Suits,” leads an equally extraordinary life away from screen with husband Santtu Seppala. Their longstanding partnership encompasses personal achievements and shared adventures – providing insight into an alliance rooted in mutual support and diverse interests.

Who Is Santtu Seppala?

Aleksanteri Olli-Pekka ‘Santtu’ Seppala is not simply Sarah Rafferty’s husband; instead he stands as an accomplished individual himself. Born and raised in Finland, Santtu Seppala has made significant inroads into business development and investment management over his two-decade long career that began at Kiitos Capital Management before transitioning to Cantillon Capital Management of New York as Vice President of Strategy – before joining Angeleno Group this year as Vice President.

How Did Rafferty and Seppala First Meet?

Beginning their story at Yale University, where they met while pursuing respective degrees – Rafferty in acting and Seppala in finance–they eventually married on June 23, 2001 and have celebrated nearly twenty years together despite both careers being demanding and parenting being demanding, epitomizing modern partnerships in doing so.

What Is Their Family Life Like?

Sarah Rafferty and Santtu Seppala have provided two daughters: Oona Gray (born 2007) and Iris Friday (born 2012). Together they have managed to provide an engaging environment for both daughters despite Rafferty’s bi-national acting career demands; Rafferty frequently shared glimpses into family life via social media sharing closeness, creativity and adventure fostered among family.

How Can They Manage Work and Family Commitments?

Redbook interviewed Rafferty about their family’s approach to balancing professional and personal lives, noting the collaborative effort she and her husband make towards remaining present in their children’s lives, rather than seeking perfection in this aspect of parenting. Though their primary residence lies in Los Angeles, during filming of “Suits”, the entire unit traveled together as one unit ensuring continuity for filming of “Suits.”

What Are Their Interests or Occupationss?

Travel and adventure play an integral role in Rafferty and Seppala’s lives together, evidenced through Rafferty’s Instagram posts showing their shared enthusiasm for global adventures such as Bhutan or Turkey and reflecting upon past travels together. Their Instagram feed depicts not only their love of travel, but also their zest for life together! These posts convey both passion for exploring the globe as well as joy for each other’s company!

How Can They Celebrate Special Occasions?

Couple Rafferty and Ryan share an adorable tradition for marking milestones and commemorating each occasion in unique ways; often seen through her posts to her followers on social media. From marking anniversary milestones with nostalgic photos, to birthday parties that take them back down memory lane; every special event offers them an opportunity to reinforce their bond as partners in marriage and family life.

Sarah Rafferty and Santtu Seppala represent an ideal modern partnership where both individuals support one another while jointly managing family obligations. Through Sarah and Santtu’s lives we see not just celebrity but genuine commitment between committed partners who care deeply for one another as parents.

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