Ryan Bingham First Wife, Career, Family: All the Information You Need!

Ryan Bingham and his wife Hassie Harrison’s love story has captured the hearts of many. The singer recently married actress Hassie Harrison in a beautiful Western-themed ceremony. The couple’s wedding photos have delighted fans, who have showered them with blessings and good wishes for their future together.

Who is Hassie Harrison?

Hassie Harrison is a talented actress who is still in the early stages of her career. She has appeared in popular projects like “Yellowstone,” “Tacoma FD,” and “The Iron Orchard.” Born on March 20, 1990, in Dallas, Texas, Hassie is 34 years old. Her mother has played a significant role in her acting career, helping her navigate the industry.

How Did Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison Meet?

Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison’s love story began in a serendipitous way. According to a Vogue interview, Hassie’s mother met Ryan through a mutual friend at a charity event in Dallas. They discovered they had many Texas-based friends and acquaintances in common. Hassie’s mother encouraged Ryan to reach out to her daughter, sparking the beginning of their romance.

When Did They Make Their Relationship Public?

The couple made their relationship official in April 2023 by sharing a photo on Instagram. In the photo, Ryan and Hassie can be seen sharing a kiss with a burning bush in the background. This public declaration of their love was met with excitement from their fans, who were thrilled to see them together.

How Did Ryan Bingham Propose?

Ryan Bingham’s proposal to Hassie Harrison was a memorable moment. Hassie shared with Vogue that Ryan proposed to her twice. The first time, he was visibly nervous and popped the question suddenly, saying, “I want to ask you to marry me, but only if you say yes.” Hassie immediately said yes. Ryan then asked for her father’s blessing in secret and proposed to her a second time, this time with a ring.

What Was Their Wedding Like?

Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison got married at Hassie’s family home in Dallas. The wedding was a heartfelt and intimate event. Hassie wanted the day to be memorable and focused on emotions, comfort, and genuine moments with their loved ones. The theme of the wedding was elegant Western, featuring tones of worn leather, delicate lace, and a soft blush color palette.

What Did They Wear at Their Wedding?

For the wedding, Hassie wore a stunning corseted gown with beads by Galia Lahav. Ryan Bingham looked dapper in a black tuxedo made by Kiton, paired with custom-made boots. Their attire perfectly matched the elegant Western theme of the ceremony.

Who Officiated the Wedding?

The wedding ceremony was officiated by Hassie’s best friend, Gabriel Hogan. This personal touch added to the intimate and heartfelt nature of the event. Hassie and Ryan also prepared their own wedding vows, making the ceremony even more special.

How Did They Involve Their Families?

Hassie Harrison’s vows included promises not just to Ryan but also to his children from his previous marriage to Anna Axster. This gesture highlighted the importance of family and the blending of their lives. The couple’s focus on family and love was evident throughout the ceremony.

What Are Their Future Plans?

Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison’s love story continues to unfold. As they start their married life together, they are committed to creating a loving and supportive environment for each other and their families. Fans are eager to see what the future holds for this beautiful couple.

Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison’s wedding was a fairytale come true. Their love story, from their serendipitous meeting to their heartfelt wedding ceremony, has captivated fans. As they embark on this new chapter together, their commitment to love, family, and each other shines brightly. Their story is a testament to the power of love and the beauty of finding a soulmate.

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