Robert Miller Wife, Family, Career, All the Details You Need To Know!

Robert Miller, a billionaire from Montreal, is well-known in the business world. His personal life, particularly his relationship with his ex-wife Margaret Antonier, is equally intriguing. Their marriage, divorce, and subsequent legal battles have drawn significant public interest.

How Did Robert Miller and Margaret Antonier Meet?

Margaret Antonier was born and raised in Florida. Before meeting Robert Miller, she worked as a radio ad saleswoman. The couple met early in Miller’s career, long before he became a billionaire. They married and started a life that would soon intertwine with Miller’s growing business empire. Robert Miller founded Future Electronics in 1968, and Margaret supported him through the company’s rapid growth.

What Was Their Marriage Like?

Their marriage lasted 37 years, during which they had two sons. Despite their long marriage, their relationship was not always smooth. Margaret played a significant role in Miller’s life, both personally and professionally, standing by him as he built his business empire.

What Happened During Their Bitter Divorce?

In 2006, Robert Miller and Margaret Antonier divorced. The separation was far from amicable. Miller accused Antonier of having an affair with Robert Roop, a former CFO of Fortune. He also claimed she stole $10 million from their joint real estate venture in Florida. These allegations made headlines and revealed a deeply troubled marriage.

Antonier’s legal team responded with serious accusations against Miller, alleging he was responsible for “horrible wrongdoings” and “wrongful acts.” The details of these accusations were sealed by Florida courts, adding to the mystery of their divorce. Despite the bitterness, Miller publicly described their split as “amicable.”

What Were the Legal Battles and Allegations?

The divorce led to a series of legal battles between Robert Miller and Margaret Antonier. These disputes centered around their considerable fortune, valued at $2 billion at the time. The allegations and counter-allegations between the two added fuel to the already fiery separation.

Margaret’s lawyers argued that the theft and fraud accusations against her were false, painting her as a victim of Miller’s alleged misconduct. These legal battles were complex, with both sides fiercely defending their positions. It is unclear whether all disputes were fully resolved.

How Did Their Lives Change After Divorce?

After the divorce, Margaret Antonier continued her career as a real estate developer in Florida. She moved on from her marriage to Miller but remained in the public eye due to ongoing legal issues. Her life post-divorce was marked by efforts to rebuild her professional reputation and distance herself from past controversies.

Robert Miller continued to focus on his business and personal interests. His belief in cryonics and support for the Alcor Life Extension Foundation kept him in the news. However, the shadow of his past relationship with Antonier continued to loom large.

How Did the Divorce Affect Their Children?

The divorce and subsequent legal battles had a significant impact on their two sons. Growing up amidst public and contentious disputes must have been challenging. The boys were often shielded from the public eye, but the effects of their parents’ tumultuous relationship were likely profound.

Both Robert Miller and Margaret Antonier tried to maintain a sense of normalcy for their children. Despite their differences, they aimed to provide a stable environment for their sons. However, the public nature of their disputes made this a difficult task.

What Is the Public Perception?

Public perception of Robert Miller and Margaret Antonier has been shaped largely by their high-profile divorce and legal battles. Miller’s accusations against Antonier and her counterclaims have painted a picture of a deeply troubled relationship. The sealed court records add an element of mystery, leaving the public to speculate about the true nature of their disputes.

What Are They Doing Now?

Despite the controversies, both Robert and Margaret have moved on with their lives. Miller continues to lead Future Electronics and pursue his interests in cryonics. Margaret remains active in the real estate industry. Their story is a reminder of how personal and professional lives can become entangled, leading to complex and often painful outcomes.


Robert Miller and Margaret Antonier’s story is a fascinating blend of business success and personal drama. Their long marriage, bitter divorce, and subsequent legal battles have kept the public intrigued. While they have both moved on, the shadow of their past continues to affect their lives and public perception. Their journey highlights the complexities of intertwining personal and professional lives, offering a glimpse into the challenges faced by high-profile individuals.

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