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Rob Riggle is a renowned comedian, actor, and former Marine officer known for his roles in films like “The Hangover” and “Step Brothers.” He has also served as a commentator for FOX NFL Sunday and hosts the annual Rob Riggle InVETational Golf Classic. Tiffany, his wife of 21 years, recently filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple has two children, daughter Abigail, 16, and son George, 12.

Why Did Tiffany File for Divorce?

Tiffany filed for divorce on October 5, 2020, according to Ventura County court records. She cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split and listed their date of separation as May 2, 2020. The news of their separation was first reported by TMZ and has since garnered significant media attention. Tiffany has requested joint custody of their children.

What is the Couple’s History?

Rob and Tiffany met in 1997, during a time when Rob was transitioning from flight school to continue his service in the Marine Corps while pursuing a career in comedy. They met through mutual friends during a trip back home, and Rob was immediately smitten. “I was so impressed, then I got nervous and squirrely. But I got her laughing, and that’s all that mattered,” Rob recalled in a 2013 interview with the Kansas City Star. They married and built a life together, balancing Rob’s demanding career and their family responsibilities.

How Has Rob Riggle’s Career Progressed?

Rob Riggle’s career spans over two decades, with notable achievements both in the military and entertainment. He served 23 years in the Marine Corps with deployments to Liberia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan before retiring in 2013 as a lieutenant colonel. In the entertainment industry, Rob has become a well-known figure through his comedic roles in various films and television shows. He is also a commentator for ABC’s mini-golf game show “Holey Moley” and continues to be a prominent figure in the comedy scene.

What Projects is Rob Riggle Currently Involved In?

Aside from his commentary work on “Holey Moley,” Rob Riggle recently appeared in the film “The War with Grandpa,” starring alongside Robert De Niro and Uma Thurman. He also hosts the Rob Riggle InVETational Golf Classic, an annual event that raises funds for veterans. This year’s event, originally scheduled for December 7th, has been postponed to next year.

How Has the Divorce Affected Their Family?

The divorce has undoubtedly impacted Rob and Tiffany’s family, particularly their children, Abigail and George. Tiffany has requested joint custody, indicating a desire to co-parent amicably despite the separation. Both parents seem committed to ensuring the well-being of their children during this transitional period.

What is the Public Reaction to the Divorce?

The public reaction to Rob and Tiffany’s divorce has been one of surprise and sympathy. Fans of Rob Riggle have expressed their support for him and his family, hoping for a smooth resolution to the divorce proceedings. The couple’s long marriage and the public nature of Rob’s career have made this a widely discussed topic in entertainment news.

What Does the Future Hold for Rob Riggle?

Rob Riggle’s career is likely to continue thriving despite his personal challenges. He has established himself as a versatile entertainer, capable of balancing multiple roles in comedy, acting, and commentary. His commitment to his craft and his resilience in facing personal adversities suggest that he will navigate this difficult period with strength and continue to entertain audiences worldwide.

What Are the Implications of the Divorce for Tiffany?

For Tiffany, the divorce marks the end of a long chapter and the beginning of a new one. Her focus now will likely be on co-parenting her children and adjusting to life post-divorce. Given her long-term partnership with Rob and her involvement in his career and life, this transition may come with its own set of challenges and opportunities.

How Will This Affect Their Children?

Abigail and George, like any children experiencing their parents’ divorce, will need support and reassurance during this time. Joint custody arrangements can provide stability, ensuring that both parents remain actively involved in their lives. The priority for both Rob and Tiffany will be to minimize the impact of their separation on their children and to provide a nurturing environment as they navigate this new reality.


The divorce of Rob Riggle and Tiffany after 21 years of marriage has drawn significant public interest and media attention. While the reasons cited are irreconcilable differences, the couple’s focus will undoubtedly be on ensuring the well-being of their children and adjusting to their new circumstances. Rob Riggle’s career continues to flourish, and both he and Tiffany will be navigating this transition with the support of their family and friends. As they move forward, the public remains empathetic and supportive of their journey through this challenging time.

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