Rick Lagina Wife, Is Rick Lagina Married Or Rumours?

Rick Lagina, a prominent figure from the reality TV show “The Curse of Oak Island,” has long intrigued fans with his dedication to uncovering the mysteries of the island. While his professional endeavors are well-documented and admired, the facets of his personal life, particularly his marital status, have been a subject of speculation and interest. This article delves into the life of Rick Lagina, setting the record straight on rumors and celebrating his contributions both on and off the screen.

Is Rick Lagina Married?

Contrary to the swirling rumors, Rick Lagina has never tied the knot. Despite the buzz and speculations surrounding his personal life, Rick remains single. The speculation around his marital status and personal life has been a topic of conversation among fans and the media alike. However, it’s clear that Rick has chosen a path focused on his career and familial duties rather than pursuing marriage.

The Confusion Around the Lagina Family

In the realm of rumors and mixed reports, the personal lives of the Lagina brothers have often been conflated. Specifically, Olivia Lagina, who is married to Marty Lagina, Rick’s brother, has been mistakenly linked to Rick in discussions about health battles within the family. This mix-up has led to unfounded rumors about Rick’s personal life, which merit clarification. Marty and Olivia Lagina share a strong bond, debunking any unfounded speculations about their relationship.

Who is Marty Lagina’s Partner?

Marty Lagina, unlike his brother Rick, is married to Olivia Lagina. The couple’s long-standing relationship culminated in marriage, showcasing their love and commitment to one another. Olivia, an engineer by profession, stands by Marty, sharing not only a personal life but also a deep interest in the ventures that the Lagina family undertakes. Together, they debunked rumors of separation and continue to share a fulfilling life.

The Next Generation: Meet Alex and Maddie

The Lagina family extends beyond Rick and Marty, including Marty’s children, Alex and Maddie. Alex has made a name for himself not only as an engineer but also as a co-producer on “The Curse of Oak Island,” following in the footsteps of his father and uncle. Maddie, coming from a medical background, completes the family, adding to the diverse pool of talents and interests within the Lagina clan.

Rick Lagina: The Cool Uncle?

Rick’s decision to remain single has sparked various rumors about his personal life, including his sexual orientation. However, without concrete evidence, such speculations remain unfounded. Rick embodies the role of the cool uncle, focusing on his passion for the Oak Island mystery and his family, rather than pursuing traditional paths of marriage and personal partnership.

Before the Fame: Rick Lagina’s Early Career

Long before “The Curse of Oak Island” became a household name, Rick Lagina was part of the working world, holding a position in the Canadian mailing industry. This relatable aspect of his background connects him to fans and followers who appreciate his down-to-earth nature and dedication to pursuing his dreams alongside his brother, Marty.

Where Does Rick Lagina Call Home?

Rick Lagina’s roots are deeply planted in Michigan, a fact that ties him to his family and heritage. Despite the fame and the global attention garnered by the treasure hunt on Oak Island, Rick remains true to his origins, choosing to stay close to family and the land he loves. This commitment to his home state and family values speaks volumes about his character and priorities.


Rick Lagina’s life, both public and private, is a testament to his dedication to exploration, family, and staying true to oneself. While speculation about his personal life may continue to circulate, what remains clear is Rick’s unwavering commitment to the Oak Island mystery and his family. As fans continue to follow his adventures on screen, they can also appreciate the depth and complexity of the man behind the treasure hunter persona.

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