Richard Gasquet Wife, Discover Everything About Clémentine, A Fashion Influencer

Richard Gasquet is a prominent figure in the world of tennis, known for his remarkable career and impressive achievements on the court. With 16 singles titles and a former ATP ranking of number 7, Gasquet has cemented his place among the tennis elite. Recently, however, fans have become increasingly interested in his personal life, particularly his relationship with his fiancée, Clémentine, a well-known fashion influencer.

How Did Their Love Story Begin?

Gasquet’s relationship with Clémentine came into the public eye in May 2022. The couple’s romance was revealed when Clémentine posted a picture on social media featuring the two of them at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris. She captioned the photo, “Anywhere as long as it’s with you 💙,” which immediately sparked curiosity and interest among fans and the media. This post marked the beginning of their public love story.

What Moments Have They Shared Publicly?

Clémentine has been quite open about her relationship with Gasquet, frequently sharing heartfelt moments on her Instagram. One particularly memorable post showed Gasquet and Clémentine enjoying time with friends and family at Cafe Marly Louvre Paris. She captioned this post, “My love and my loves,” highlighting the importance of their relationship and the joy they find in sharing special moments together.

How Does Clémentine Support Gasquet?

Clémentine is not just a supportive partner off the court; she is also a regular presence at Gasquet’s matches. Her dedication to supporting him is evident as she is often seen cheering for him from the stands. During the clay court season, she was a constant source of encouragement at the Italian Open. Gasquet competed in Rome, where he successfully outclassed Samuel Vincent Ruggeri but was defeated by Maximilian Marterer in the qualifying round. Clémentine shared glimpses of their time in Rome on Instagram with the caption, “Until we meet again 🤌🏼❤️🤍💚 #roma,” reflecting her unwavering support and affection.

What’s Happening at the French Open?

As the French Open unfolds, Clémentine’s support remains steadfast. Gasquet has been performing admirably, recently defeating Borna Coric in straight sets. His next challenge is a match against the second seed, Jannik Sinner. This upcoming match is highly anticipated, with fans eagerly awaiting to see if Gasquet can deliver an upset. Clémentine’s presence and support are expected to be significant, as she continues to stand by him during this crucial tournament.

How Has Their Relationship Inspired Fans?

Richard Gasquet and Clémentine’s relationship has captivated and inspired many. Their love story is a beautiful blend of public and private moments, often shared through social media. Fans appreciate the openness with which they share their journey, offering a glimpse into their life together. Clémentine’s unwavering support for Gasquet, both on and off the court, is evident and admired by many. Their relationship serves as a testament to the power of love, support, and partnership in navigating the highs and lows of life and career.

What Does the Future Hold for Gasquet and Clémentine?

Looking ahead, fans are excited to see how Richard Gasquet and Clémentine’s relationship will continue to flourish. With Gasquet’s ongoing tennis career and Clémentine’s influence in the fashion world, their journey together promises to be filled with more shared moments and achievements. Their bond and mutual support will undoubtedly play a crucial role in their future endeavors, both personal and professional.


Richard Gasquet and Clémentine’s love story is a testament to the beauty of a supportive and loving partnership. From their public debut at the Stade Roland Garros to Clémentine’s steadfast support at various tennis tournaments, their relationship has captivated the hearts of many fans. As Gasquet continues to compete and Clémentine remains a prominent fashion influencer, their journey together serves as an inspiring example of love, dedication, and mutual support. Fans look forward to witnessing more milestones and cherished moments in the lives of this remarkable couple.

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