Ray J Wife, Everything Regarding Princess Love

Princess Love, born on August 14, 1984, as Princess Pilipina Love Norwood, is known for her dynamic presence in the entertainment industry. Raised partly in Texas, Princess Love has established herself as a reality TV star, actress, producer, and entrepreneur. She is perhaps best known for her tumultuous relationship with singer Ray J, which has been widely covered in the media.

How Did Princess Love Meet Ray J?

Princess Love and Ray J’s love story began in the limelight of the entertainment world. The two met and started dating, leading to their marriage in August 2016. Their relationship has been filled with ups and downs, marked by multiple public breakups and reconciliations. Despite their challenges, their connection has remained strong, often making headlines.

What Was Their Marriage Like?

Princess Love and Ray J married on August 12, 2016. The couple’s relationship has been anything but smooth. They have filed for divorce four times, with three dismissals, and the most recent filing in February 2024. Their first public split happened in May 2020, shortly after the birth of their son, Epik Ray, in January 2020. They also share a daughter, Melody Love, born in May 2018. Despite their marital challenges, the couple has repeatedly tried to work through their issues.

What Is Princess Love’s Background?

Princess Love was born in Oakland, California, but she spent a significant part of her upbringing in Texas. She attended LBJ High School in Austin, Texas, which she proudly shared in a throwback photo on Instagram. This blend of Californian roots and Texan upbringing has shaped her into the person she is today.

Is Princess Love a Foodie?

Yes, Princess Love has a passion for cooking. She showcases her culinary skills on her Instagram account, @prepwithprincess, where she shares a variety of dishes she loves to cook and eat. From Thai Chicken Curry to Tuscan Soup and Leche Flan, her cooking repertoire is diverse and impressive. Her love for food is a significant part of her personality, and she enjoys sharing it with her followers.

How Many Children Do They Have?

Princess Love and Ray J have two children together. Their daughter, Melody Love, was born in May 2018, and their son, Epik Ray, arrived in January 2020. Princess Love often shares heartfelt messages about her children on social media. For Melody’s birthday in May 2022, she posted a touching tribute, celebrating her daughter’s growth and joyful spirit. She also shared her son Epik’s love for superheroes in a birthday post in January 2023.

What Is Princess Love’s Heritage?

Princess Love is proud of her mixed heritage. She is of Filipino and Black descent, a fact she confirmed on Twitter in July 2018. She embraces her cultural background, teaching her daughter to count in Tagalog and cooking traditional Filipino dishes, such as Pancit. Her heritage is a source of pride and plays a significant role in her family life.

What Has Been the Nature of Their Tumultuous Relationship?

The relationship between Princess Love and Ray J has seen many highs and lows. They have filed for divorce four times, with each filing bringing media attention. Their first filing was in May 2020, with subsequent filings in September 2020, October 2021, and most recently in February 2024. Despite these challenges, they have shown efforts to reconcile, as seen in their dismissals and public declarations of love.

Is Princess Love a Poker Player?

Princess Love has found success in the poker world. In February 2024, she won the Celebrity Poker Tour Invitational II in Las Vegas. She also made history in December 2023 by becoming the first Black woman to reach the top 45 of the World Poker Tour World Championship, finishing 40th overall. Her achievements in poker demonstrate her competitive spirit and dedication.

What Shows Have They Starred In?

Princess Love and Ray J have shared their lives on reality TV, starring in VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” from 2014 to 2019. They also appeared in “Love & Hip Hop: Miami.” Additionally, the couple worked together on the 2020 Zeus show “The Conversation,” where they attempted to mend their relationship with the help of a mediator. These shows have given fans an inside look at their personal lives and relationship dynamics.

Is Princess Love an Actress and Producer?

Beyond reality TV, Princess Love has ventured into acting and producing. She starred in films like “The Deadly Getaway” (2022) and “The Microchip that Ruined Halloween” (2023). She also served as a producer for the Zeus reality dating series “One Mo Chance” and “The Conversation.” Her work in these roles showcases her versatility and commitment to the entertainment industry.

What Is PRELLA Cosmetics?

Princess Love is the owner of PRELLA Cosmetics, a brand that sells makeup, beauty tools, and eyelashes. She often models for the brand, highlighting her products and sharing beauty tips with her followers. Her entrepreneurial spirit is evident in the success and popularity of her cosmetics line.

What Is the Future for Princess Love and Ray J?

As of February 2024, Princess Love and Ray J are navigating another potential divorce. Despite their tumultuous past, they remain committed to co-parenting their children and maintaining a supportive family dynamic. Princess Love continues to thrive in her career, balancing her roles as a mother, entrepreneur, and media personality. Their journey together is ongoing, and only time will tell what the future holds for them.

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