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Lesly Brown is best known as the wife of Pat Sajak, the long-time host of Wheel of Fortune. Brown, a former model and aspiring actress, has shared her life with Sajak for nearly as long as he has hosted the famed game show. The couple, who met in 1988 and married in 1989, have two children together: Maggie and Patrick. Despite their public personas, Sajak and Brown have managed to maintain a private and close-knit family life.

How Did Lesly Brown and Pat Sajak Meet?

Lesly Brown and Pat Sajak met in 1988 through mutual friends at the grand opening of a friend’s sports bar. Initially, their relationship was platonic. Sajak even joked in an interview that there was no immediate spark, saying, “There was no electricity in the air.” However, as they spent more time together, their feelings evolved from friendship to romance.

What Was Lesly Brown’s Career Before Meeting Pat Sajak?

Before meeting Pat Sajak, Lesly Brown was a model and aspiring actress. She appeared in Playboy’s “Women of Washington” issue, showcasing her modeling talents. Brown attended the University of Maryland and graduated in 1986 with a degree in television production, indicating her early interest in the entertainment industry.

How Did Their Relationship Turn Romantic?

The turning point in their relationship came after Brown appeared on a reality show called The Dating Show. She went on a trip to Mexico with a bachelor from the show, which made Sajak realize his true feelings for her. He admitted feeling jealous and acknowledged that he wanted to spend his life with her. Their relationship quickly progressed, leading to Sajak proposing to Brown with a 3-carat marquise-shaped diamond ring in the summer of 1989.

When Did Lesly Brown and Pat Sajak Get Married?

Lesly Brown and Pat Sajak got married on New Year’s Eve in 1989. Their wedding was a private affair held at a Catholic church in Annapolis, Maryland, followed by a reception at Brown’s parents’ house. The intimate ceremony was attended by close family and friends, including Sajak’s Wheel of Fortune co-host, Vanna White.

How Many Children Do Lesly Brown and Pat Sajak Have?

Lesly Brown and Pat Sajak have two children: a daughter, Maggie, and a son, Patrick. Both children have made appearances on Wheel of Fortune, particularly during Sajak’s tenure as the host. Maggie has taken a more active role on the show in recent years, even stepping in as a guest letter-turner and serving as the series’ social correspondent since 2021.

What Are Their Children’s Achievements?

Maggie Sajak

Maggie Sajak, the couple’s daughter, is not only known for her appearances on Wheel of Fortune but also for her musical talents. She started playing the guitar at a young age and released her first album, “If I Was Gonna Go,” in 2012. In addition to her music career, Maggie attended Princeton University, showcasing her diverse talents and interests.

Patrick Sajak

Patrick Sajak, their son, has chosen a different path, becoming a doctor. In 2021, Pat Sajak proudly announced on Wheel of Fortune that Patrick had completed medical school and was now officially Dr. Sajak. This achievement brought immense pride to both Pat and Lesly, highlighting their son’s dedication and hard work.

How Did Lesly Brown Support Pat Sajak During His Health Crisis?

In 2019, Pat Sajak underwent emergency surgery for a blocked intestine. During this difficult time, Lesly Brown was by his side, providing unwavering support. Sajak described the experience as extremely painful and shared that at one point, he thought he might die. Lesly’s presence and support were crucial to his recovery, and Sajak expressed deep gratitude for her support during his health crisis.

What Role Did Lesly Brown Play in Pat Sajak’s Career?

While Lesly Brown has kept a relatively low profile compared to her husband, she has played a significant role in his life and career. Her appearances on Wheel of Fortune, along with their children, have added a personal touch to the show. Despite her own career aspirations, Brown chose to focus on her family, supporting Sajak throughout his 40-year tenure on the game show.

What Is Lesly Brown’s Current Life Like?

Lesly Brown continues to maintain a private life, focusing on her family. Her support for Pat Sajak and their children remains evident, and she occasionally makes public appearances alongside her husband. The couple’s enduring marriage, spanning over three decades, is a testament to their strong bond and commitment to each other.


Lesly Brown, a former model and aspiring actress, has shared her life with Pat Sajak for over three decades. Their journey from a platonic friendship to a deep romantic bond is a touching story of love and commitment. Together, they have raised two accomplished children and supported each other through life’s challenges. As Pat Sajak’s tenure on Wheel of Fortune comes to an end, their enduring partnership continues to inspire and resonate with many.

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