Pat Sajak Net Worth, How Rich Is Pat Sajak Now?

Pat Sajak is a well-known television personality best known for hosting the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune” since 1981. His tenure on the show will come to an end on June 7, 2024, following his retirement announcement in June 2023. Sajak’s long career has been marked by stability, a rarity in the television industry today. Throughout his hosting career, Sajak has been nominated for 19 Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Game Show Host, winning three times.

What is Pat Sajak’s Net Worth?

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Pat Sajak’s net worth to be around $75 million, while Money Inc. suggests a slightly lower figure of $65 million. Both estimates are based on his publicly announced salary of $15 million per season, according to Forbes. This figure was accurate as of 2016, but his 2021 contract extension with co-host Vanna White through 2024 likely included a raise and a consulting producer credit. This new role might also mean he receives a portion of the show’s syndication rights, increasing his overall earnings.

How Did Pat Sajak Begin His Career?

Pat Sajak’s journey began in the military. According to his Twitter account, he was sent to Vietnam in 1968, where he briefly worked as a finance clerk. He later transitioned to broadcasting as a radio host. His military experience in finance and broadcasting laid the foundation for his successful career in television, eventually leading to his long-standing role on “Wheel of Fortune.”

What Was Pat Sajak’s Workload on Wheel of Fortune?

Hosting “Wheel of Fortune” may seem like a light workload, but it is quite demanding. According to Cosmopolitan, Sajak and White only film four days a month. However, these shoot days are likely very long, as each season consists of 195 episodes. Additionally, they also host “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune,” which premiered in 2021. Despite the intense shooting schedule, Sajak’s salary of $15 million per season reflects his value to the show.

Has Pat Sajak Had Any Side Gigs?

Pat Sajak has ventured into acting and entrepreneurship over the years. In 1983, he appeared on “Days of our Lives” as Kevin Hathaway. As his stint on “Wheel of Fortune” gained popularity, he began to play fictionalized versions of himself on various TV shows. According to IMDb, Sajak has appeared on “Fresh Off the Boat,” “The King of Queens,” “Rugrats,” “The A-Team,” and “The Larry Sanders Show.” In 2021, he even voiced a singing bust in “Muppet Haunted Mansion.”

Additionally, Sajak briefly ventured into entrepreneurship by partnering with Great American Deals, a hyper-specific, franchisable Groupon. However, the company seems to have ceased operations, as its official Twitter has been inactive since 2015.

Does Pat Sajak Own Property?

Pat Sajak owns properties on both coasts. According to the Baltimore Sun, he purchased a house in Baltimore for $1.275 million in 1991. Despite his celebrity status, his neighbors reportedly did not recognize him. Sajak also owns a house in Encino, California. Urban Splatter reports that he bought the Encino house in 1988 for $1.8 million. Today, the property is valued at $5 million, reflecting significant appreciation over the years.

Is Pat Sajak Good with Money?

Pat Sajak is known for his financial prudence. His background in finance, honed during his military service, has helped him manage his wealth effectively. Sajak often boasts about his frugality on social media. In a now-deleted tweet, he mentioned how he uses senior citizen discounts, veteran benefits, coupons, and buyers’ clubs to save money. He joked that some stores end up paying him for his purchases, though it might inconvenience the people waiting behind him in line.

What Does Pat Sajak’s Retirement Mean for Wheel of Fortune?

Pat Sajak’s retirement marks the end of an era for “Wheel of Fortune.” His long tenure has made him a beloved figure among fans. Sajak’s departure will undoubtedly be a significant change for the show, but his legacy will continue through the episodes he has hosted over the decades. The show’s future will likely involve finding a successor who can maintain the charm and appeal that Sajak brought to the role.


Pat Sajak’s career on “Wheel of Fortune” is a testament to his talent and dedication. From his early days in the military to becoming a television icon, Sajak has built a remarkable legacy. His financial acumen, acting ventures, and real estate investments further showcase his diverse skills. As he prepares to retire, Sajak leaves behind a legacy that will be remembered by fans and colleagues alike.

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