Michael Rainey Jr Girlfriend, Who Is Michael Rainey Wife?, Know All The Details Here!

Michael Rainey Jr. is best known for his role as Tariq St. Patrick in the hit TV series “Power.” The young actor has garnered a significant following due to his performance in the show and his subsequent appearances in its spin-offs. Recently, he has been in the spotlight for reasons beyond his acting career, particularly his rumored romantic involvement with social media influencer Saudiah B.

Who is Saudiah B?

Saudiah B is an influencer who gained notoriety after a public feud with City Girls rapper JT. Before this incident, she was relatively unknown but had been linked to rapper Lil Uzi Vert. Her visibility increased significantly following the social media altercation, and she has since become a topic of interest among fans and followers of hip-hop and pop culture.

What Sparked the Rumors About Michael Rainey Jr. and Saudiah B?

The rumors about Michael Rainey Jr. and Saudiah B began when Rainey shared a carousel of photos on his Instagram account. One particular photo caught fans’ attention: it showed him intimately hugging a woman, with his arm wrapped between her legs and grabbing her butt. Although the woman’s face was not visible, fans speculated that it was Saudiah B based on the dress she was wearing. She had recently posted a photo of herself in a similar baby blue mini-dress and knee-high silver boots.

How Did Fans React to the Photo?

Fans of Michael Rainey Jr. and Saudiah B quickly connected the dots and began discussing the potential relationship on social media. One Twitter user commented, “Not Michael Rainey started back fw with Saudiah B [crying emojis] he irritates me.” This sentiment was echoed by others who recognized the outfit and speculated about the mystery woman’s identity.

Did Michael Rainey Jr. Confirm the Rumors?

Michael Rainey Jr. appeared to confirm the identity of the woman in the photo with a cheeky comment on Instagram. When a fan noted his consistent choice of women of color, Rainey responded humorously, “Alexa play melanin by woldfacejoeyy.” Additionally, he made a playful remark directed at his acting nemesis Lil Meech, saying, “Damn I can’t help my cousin wit her outfit?” This comment added fuel to the rumors that the woman in the photo was indeed Saudiah B.

What is Saudiah B’s Connection to Lil Uzi Vert?

Before being linked to Michael Rainey Jr., Saudiah B was rumored to have dated rapper Lil Uzi Vert. However, she became more widely known after a heated social media exchange with JT from City Girls. JT accused Saudiah B of being Lil Uzi’s side chick, which Saudiah B vehemently denied. She retaliated by calling out JT for her behavior and maintaining that she was never involved with Lil Uzi in that capacity.

How Did the Public Feud Between Saudiah B and JT Unfold?

The feud between Saudiah B and JT unfolded publicly on social media, drawing significant attention. JT shaded Saudiah B during an argument with another person, leading to Saudiah B’s retaliation. Saudiah B accused JT of “crashing out” and going crazy over Lil Uzi, emphasizing that she had never been involved with him as a side chick. This altercation increased Saudiah B’s visibility and drew her into the public eye, making her a more recognized figure.

What Do Fans Think About the Alleged Relationship?

Fans have mixed reactions to the alleged relationship between Michael Rainey Jr. and Saudiah B. Some fans seem amused and supportive, commenting on Rainey’s taste in women and making playful remarks. Others are more skeptical or critical, expressing irritation at the possibility of the relationship. The speculation and discussions continue to swirl on social media, with fans eagerly watching for any further confirmations or denials from either party.

Has Saudiah B Responded to the Speculations?

As of now, Saudiah B has not publicly responded to the speculations about her relationship with Michael Rainey Jr. Her silence leaves fans guessing, but her previous involvement in public feuds suggests that she is not one to shy away from addressing rumors. Whether she will confirm or deny the relationship remains to be seen.

What is the Future of Michael Rainey Jr. and Saudiah B’s Relationship?

The future of Michael Rainey Jr. and Saudiah B’s relationship is uncertain. With Rainey’s playful confirmation and the ongoing fan interest, it is possible that the couple may choose to go public with their relationship. Alternatively, they might prefer to keep their personal lives private, away from the intense scrutiny of social media. Regardless, their potential relationship has already captivated fans and followers, making them a topic of ongoing interest.


Michael Rainey Jr. and Saudiah B have become a hot topic in recent days due to Rainey’s Instagram post and the subsequent fan speculations. The rumored relationship, fueled by a photo and playful comments, has drawn significant attention. While neither has fully confirmed the relationship, the intrigue and curiosity among fans continue to grow. As with any celebrity relationship, time will reveal more details, and fans will be eagerly waiting for any new developments.

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