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Brigitte Macron is the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron. Born on April 13, 1953, in Amiens, France, Brigitte was a high school drama teacher before becoming the First Lady of France. Her relationship with Emmanuel has been a topic of fascination and controversy due to their significant age difference and unique love story.

How Did Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron Meet?

Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte first met when Emmanuel was a student at Le Providence, a Catholic school in northern France. Brigitte was 39 years old and working as a drama teacher, while Emmanuel was only 15. Despite the age difference and her role as his teacher, they formed a strong connection. However, they did not start dating immediately. Instead, they kept in touch while Emmanuel attended college, eventually reuniting and solidifying their relationship.

What Were the Initial Challenges in Their Relationship?

Their relationship faced several challenges from the start, primarily due to the 24-year age gap and Brigitte’s existing marriage. Emmanuel’s parents initially suspected he was dating Brigitte’s daughter. When they discovered the truth, they sent Emmanuel to boarding school in Paris, hoping the separation would end the relationship. Brigitte, who was married with three children close to Emmanuel’s age, also tried to distance herself to avoid disrupting her family’s life.

How Did They Maintain Their Connection?

Despite the separation and challenges, Emmanuel and Brigitte remained in contact. Brigitte was determined to prioritize her children, ensuring they were well-established before fully committing to her relationship with Emmanuel. This period of waiting and maintaining a long-distance connection lasted about ten years. Brigitte was mindful of the impact their relationship could have on her children, but ultimately decided she could not deny her feelings for Emmanuel.

When Did They Get Married?

Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron got married in 2007, a year after her divorce from her first husband. Their wedding was a private affair, attended by close family and friends. Emmanuel, in his wedding speech, thanked Brigitte’s children for supporting their unconventional relationship, acknowledging the unique challenges they faced as a couple with a significant age difference.

How Has Their Relationship Evolved Over Time?

Since their marriage, Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron’s relationship has only grown stronger. Brigitte has been a steadfast supporter of Emmanuel’s political career, playing a crucial role in his life. Emmanuel often cites Brigitte as his “anchor,” appreciating her truthful and grounded perspective, which helps him navigate the pressures of his role as President. In interviews, Brigitte has expressed her admiration for Emmanuel’s intellect and memory, qualities that initially drew her to him.

What Makes Their Relationship Unique?

One of the most notable aspects of Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron’s relationship is their age difference. Brigitte is 24 years older than Emmanuel, a fact that has often been the subject of public scrutiny and discussion. Brigitte has openly acknowledged the difficulties this age gap presents, emphasizing that their relationship is not a model one but rather a complex and evolving partnership. Despite these challenges, their bond remains strong, with mutual respect and admiration at its core.

How Does Brigitte Support Emmanuel’s Presidency?

As the First Lady of France, Brigitte Macron has taken on various responsibilities, including advocating for education and social issues. She leverages her background as a teacher to promote educational initiatives and support causes close to her heart. Her approachable and genuine demeanor has made her a beloved figure in France and beyond. Emmanuel often credits Brigitte for her support and honesty, which he considers essential for his personal and professional well-being.

What Are Brigitte’s Views on Their Relationship?

In a recent interview with Paris Match, Brigitte spoke candidly about the controversial beginnings of their relationship. She described how the initial idea of being in a relationship with a much younger student was “crippling” for her. However, over time, she realized that her connection with Emmanuel was undeniable. Brigitte admires Emmanuel’s intellectual capacity and memory, qualities that have always impressed her. She has also discussed the challenges and criticisms they faced but emphasized that their love and commitment to each other have helped them overcome these obstacles.

How Do They Balance Personal and Public Life?

Despite their demanding schedules and public scrutiny, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron make a concerted effort to maintain a healthy balance between their personal and public lives. They prioritize spending time together, avoiding nights apart whenever possible. Brigitte has mentioned that having Emmanuel by her side brings her comfort, and she believes he feels the same way. They strive to maintain a normal relationship, filled with agreements, disagreements, and reconciliations, just like any other couple.

What Does the Future Hold for Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron?

The future looks bright for Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron, both individually and as a couple. Emmanuel continues to lead France with Brigitte by his side, providing support and guidance. Brigitte’s role as First Lady allows her to champion causes she cares about while supporting her husband. Their relationship remains a cornerstone of their lives, with their mutual respect and admiration continuing to strengthen their bond.


Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron’s relationship is a unique and inspiring story of love overcoming societal norms and personal challenges. Their journey from teacher and student to husband and wife, and ultimately to the President and First Lady of France, showcases their unwavering commitment to each other. Despite the public scrutiny and challenges, they continue to support each other, making their relationship a cornerstone of their personal and professional lives.

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