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Lysa TerKeurst is the founder of Proverbs 31 Ministries and a well-known author and speaker in the Christian community. She has written numerous books, including “Forgiving What You Can’t Forget,” which focuses on healing and forgiveness. TerKeurst has been a prominent voice in advocating for faith-based living and providing guidance through life’s challenges. However, her personal life has recently come under public scrutiny due to her ongoing divorce proceedings with her husband, Art TerKeurst.

Why Did Lysa TerKeurst File for Divorce?

Lysa TerKeurst filed for divorce from her husband, Art TerKeurst, in December 2021, after nearly three decades of marriage. She publicly announced her decision in January, citing her husband’s “chosen patterns of behavior that dishonor God and the biblical covenant of marriage.” The couple, who share five adult children, had previously faced marital issues, including Art’s infidelity and struggles with addiction. Despite efforts to reconcile and renew their vows in 2018, Lysa felt compelled to file for divorce due to repeated betrayals.

What Led to the Divorce Decision?

The decision to divorce came after Lysa discovered that Art had spent over $100,000 of their money on an extramarital affair. He met the woman, referred to as “Mistress X,” on the website Art allegedly spent at least $118,000 on the relationship, which included moving the woman from Atlanta to Charlotte, North Carolina, and buying her a “pre-engagement left hand ring.” These revelations were included in recent court filings that shed light on the extent of Art’s infidelity.

What Were the Terms of the Post-Nuptial Agreement?

In response to Art’s infidelity and substance abuse issues, the couple signed a post-nuptial agreement. Art TerKeurst later claimed that he signed the agreement under duress while suicidal and preparing to enter a treatment facility for alcoholism. He argued that the agreement was invalidated when the couple renewed their vows. Art requested post-separation support, alimony, an equitable division of property, and the rescission of the post-nuptial agreement, claiming he was financially dependent on Lysa.

How Did Lysa TerKeurst Respond to Art’s Claims?

In April, Lysa TerKeurst filed a motion to dismiss Art’s counterclaims, including his request for post-separation support and alimony. She argued that Art had voluntarily agreed to the post-nuptial agreement and withdrew from the alcohol treatment program without completing it. Lysa also claimed that his allegations of being suicidal were false and that he exhibited “narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies.” She maintained that their financial accounts were kept separate as per the post-nuptial agreement and that his infidelity disqualified him from receiving alimony.

What Evidence Was Presented in the Court Filings?

The court filings included text messages between Art TerKeurst and “Mistress X,” providing evidence of the affair. These messages detailed the expenses Art incurred to maintain the relationship, further supporting Lysa’s claims of financial misconduct. The filings highlighted the substantial amount of money spent on the affair, including moving the woman to a different city and purchasing a significant piece of jewelry.

How Has Lysa TerKeurst Publicly Addressed the Divorce?

Lysa TerKeurst has been open about her struggles and the pain of her husband’s infidelity. In her January divorce announcement, she expressed her efforts to save her marriage and survive the emotional devastation caused by consistent deception. Lysa emphasized the difference between occasional mistakes and repeated patterns of behavior that violate the sanctity of marriage. She shared her journey of setting boundaries and seeking healing through faith and professional counseling.

What Is Lysa TerKeurst’s Perspective on Healing and Moving Forward?

In an April Instagram post, Lysa reflected on her decision to say “No more” to the ongoing betrayal and devastation. She stressed the importance of setting healthy boundaries and pursuing healing with the help of solid biblical truth and professional counseling. Lysa’s message focused on the need for accountability and recognizing when a relationship is no longer sustainable. Her transparency has resonated with many, offering encouragement to those facing similar struggles.

What Are the Next Steps in the Divorce Proceedings?

The divorce proceedings between Lysa and Art TerKeurst continue to unfold, with both parties presenting their claims and evidence in court. Lysa remains steadfast in her decision to protect her well-being and uphold her values. The outcome of the legal battle will determine the financial and personal terms of their separation. Throughout this challenging time, Lysa continues to rely on her faith and the support of her community to navigate the complexities of her situation.


Lysa TerKeurst’s divorce from Art TerKeurst has been a painful and public journey. The revelations of infidelity and financial misconduct have underscored the difficulties she has faced. Despite these challenges, Lysa’s commitment to healing and maintaining her integrity has been evident. Her story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of setting boundaries, seeking support, and relying on faith to overcome life’s adversities.

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