Kevin Costner Ex-wife Christine Baumgartner, Is She Dating With Someone?

Christine Baumgartner and Kevin Costner once comprised one of Hollywood’s power couples; but Baumgartner has made headlines for her newly public relationship. With Josh Connor as her partner instead of remaining silent about it as was customary with Kevin Costner’s personal life management practices. Baumgartner seems unafraid of showing Josh as she opens herself up about this relationship compared to Costner who remains private about his personal matters.

Who Is Christine Baumgartner’s New Partner?

Josh Connor was previously close with Kevin Costner before becoming Baumgartner’s love interest. Their recent outing together in Calabasas for lunch and shopping marked their initial appearance captured by media, though Baumgartner had seen Connor on various trips previously. Furthermore, unlike Costner and singer Jewel’s mysterious relationship which rarely made headlines at first sight; Baumgartner and Connor appear comfortable being seen together publicly.

What Sets Their Relationship Apart?

As Baumgartner donned jeans and gold jewelry with her casual white T-shirt and gold jewelry for this day out with Connor in black and white tracksuit, their comfort and happiness was clear; Baumgartner stood out among Connor as an open and honest partner compared to more private romantic developments between herself and Connor post-divorce, underscoring how each approaches post-divorce public personas differently.

When did Baumgartner and Connor start Dating?

Timeline of Baumgartner and Connor’s relationship is somewhat unclear, although speculation and accusations from Costner exist regarding when their romance began. By 2023 however, Baumgartner was certainly involved. While Costner claimed their romance started immediately following his divorce decree; Baumgartner has denied such allegations.

Are They Engaged Seriously?

Baumgartner and Connor appear to have taken their relationship beyond casual dating. Both individuals have enjoyed high-profile trips together such as taking a private jet flight from Hawaii during Christmastime and visiting New York together – suggesting their connection is deepening further than casual. These vacations, combined with increased public appearances from Baumgartner suggest it could soon turn serious.

How Has Baumgartner’s Life Evolved Since Her Divorce?

Baumgartner officially filed for divorce from Costner in 2023 and since has begun exploring a new chapter of her life. With three children from that marriage – Cayden Hayes Grace–she continues to adapt both within her family unit as well as how she approaches interpersonal relationships; though her divorce caused public scrutiny she seems to be moving on positively with Connor.

What Is Kevin Costner’s Current Relationship Status?

Kevin Costner remains relatively discreet about his current romantic pursuits; reports indicate he may currently be seeing artist Jewel, yet unlike Baumgartner has chosen not to share details publicly regarding their romance – thus underscoring different approaches for dealing with both public and personal boundaries post-divorce.

Christine Baumgartner’s publicized transition into her relationship with Josh Connor marks an extraordinary transition in her personal life since divorce. While still dealing with Kevin Costner, Christine Baumgartner embraced a path which both publicized and appeared joyful to begin again with Josh Connor.

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