Kerry Washington Net Worth, Earlylife, Wiki, Bio, Career And What Is Her Current Worth?

Kerry Washington is an iconic actress known for her stellar roles and broad influence within Hollywood, earning an astounding net worth of $50 Million. From Bronx-born talent to top TV star status showcased her versatility as both onscreen and off screen talent.

Who Is Kerry Washington?

Kerry Marisa Washington was born January 31 in The Bronx in New York City and quickly developed an intense passion for arts as well as an impressive academic track record. After attending Spence School in Manhattan she went on to George Washington University where she completed a double major in anthropology and sociology before receiving an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts award from her alma mater Spence School Manhattan in 2007.

What Roles Have Defined Kerry Washington’s Career?

Washington’s career started out by appearing in films such as “Save the Last Dance” and “The Human Stain,” then later with performances in Spike Lee’s film, She Hate Me. Her performance earned critical acclaim and set her on her path for further success; Washington earned awards and nominations thanks to playing Olivia Pope on hit television series Scandal which earned numerous nominations from awards organizations as well. Her portrayal in HBO movie Confirmation further showcased Washington’s skill and versatility leading to another Primetime Emmy nomination nomination!

How Did “Scandal” Affect Her Career?

“Scandal” not only earned Kerry widespread acclaim and earnings growth; at its height she earned $250,000 per episode due to Olivia Pope. Kerry is widely revered as being groundbreaking because her role has significantly enhanced representations of African American women within media.

What Endorsements Increase Kerry Washington’s Income?

Washington’s endorsement deals include those with Neutrogena, Apple, and Movado; this has not only increased her net worth but has allowed her to maintain high visibility outside acting roles.

How Does Kerry Washington Contribute Back?

Kerry Washington is well-renowned for her activism and philanthropy, particularly her advocacy in support of LGBT rights and women’s empowerment issues. Kerry uses her platform as an activist advocate, using activism as part of both her personal and professional lives in order to drive social change forward. Kerry’s dedication exemplifies her desire to positively affect society as part of an everlasting commitment she holds dear.

What Are Her Biographie Knowns?

Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha share an enduring commitment to various social causes, further expanding Kerry Washington’s influence off screen. Although known for their privacy, their dedication to philanthropy and advocating social justice are clearly demonstrated through public actions such as their public giving efforts and public advocacy for justice causes.

What Investments Has Kerry Washington Made?

Washington’s financial expertise also extends into real estate investment, having made significant purchases in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills that reflect her taste for privacy and luxury. Her investments highlight her strategic approach to creating wealth for herself and her family.


Kerry Washington’s incredible rise from Bronx native with dreams to multimillionaire actress is testament to her talent, hard work, and perseverance. Through her involvement both within the entertainment industry as well as various causes related to social activism – particularly her onscreen roles & advocacy work which showcase her dedication towards breaking barriers & leaving an everlasting mark – to becoming one of Hollywood’s foremost role models has truly been remarkable.

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