Jill Wagner Husband David Lemanowicz, When Did They Couple Get Married?

Jill Wagner and David Lemanowicz’s romance reads like an excerpt from a Hallmark movie — filled with youthful encounters, years apart and unexpected reunions. Dating back to when Wagner was 17-years old, their romantic journey took many unexpected turns and eventually culminated with their marriage on August 11, 2017 — something Hallmark saw fit to adapt into film form! Here’s an in-depth look at their partnership which eventually caught Hallmark’s eye for adaptation into movie form!

How Did Jill and David First Meet?

Beginning their romance in North Carolina, Wagner met Lemanowicz – then 20-year-old hockey player at that point – where instant sparks flew between them despite the obvious age difference between them. Wagner recalls sneaking out to meet Lemanowicz which marked their fleeting but brief relationship; going out three times together before Lemanowicz abruptly vanished leaving an inexplicable gap that would last years later.

What Caused Their Reunion?

After years had gone by, both Wagner and Lemanowicz found themselves back together again when both found themselves in Afghanistan in entirely separate circumstances: Wagner on an USO tour while Lemanowicz serving in the Air Force. An opportunity at a morale event allowed Lemanowicz to reconnect with Wagner despite both parties being involved with other people at that point; it set the scene for one more chance encounter that eventually reignited their romance.

How Did They Finally Unite Again?

On Valentine’s Day 2016, their relationship took an unexpected yet irrevocable turn for the better. Wagner had recently come off filming Hallmark movie ‘Christmas Cookies.’ By sheer chance, an outing with friends in Los Angeles led Wagner unexpectedly back into contact with Lemanowicz who was visiting Los Angeles at that same moment; after seeing Wagner standing outside a restaurant outside it called out her name outside and called out back inside as soon as Lemanowicz recognized her outside he called out her name rekindling their friendship for good!

What Makes Their Story Unique?

Their romantic journey is filled with seemingly unlikely and coincidental events, mirroring those seen in Hallmark movies. From sneaking out for dates in their youth to unexpected reunions across continents before finally meeting again in Los Angeles – their tale serves as proof that love can sometimes surprise even us and is all around us!

How Has Their Relationship Changed Since Reuniting?

From their chance meeting in Los Angeles, Wagner and Lemanowicz have grown closer. Since tying the knot in April 2017, their commitment has only deepened – they held a ceremony celebrating their unique journey together at which their marriage became official. Not only has this been an emotional milestone in their relationship; their love story even caught Hallmark’s attention! As it considers turning it into a movie.

What can we Expect From Their Hallmark Movie?

Although details about the Hallmark movie remain undisclosed, their story has already garnered much excitement and is eagerly anticipated by audiences around the country. Wagner and Lemanowicz have shared their tale on various platforms such as Hallmark’s Home & Family program where detailed accounts were offered of it unfolding over decades of missed connections and chance meetings that led them together at last. It remains to be seen what aspects will make up its script while Wagner and Lemanowicz will make for great characters!

Jill Wagner and David Lemanowicz embody the kind of timeless romance popularly seen in Hallmark movies: it is a story about second chances, lasting love and unexpected twists of fate that make their story not just extraordinary but relatable for anyone who believes in love’s power.

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