Harry Maguire Wife, Is He Married With Fern Hawkins?

Professional football, with its constant pressure and strains on one’s mental strength can be difficult for Harry Maguire, the England and Manchester United’s stalwart defender, but having strong support around them can be invaluable. His life partner Fern Hawkins provides this crucial support; their ten year relationship stands as proof of love, faithfulness, and mutual admiration both on and off the pitch.

Who Is Fern Hawkins?

Fern Hawkins is much more than her partner’s girlfriend – she hails from Sheffield like Harry Maguire and has made quite an impressionful academic career path for herself – graduating with First Class Honours in Science and Physiotherapy in 2017. In 2017, Fern also rose to social media stardom through sharing glimpses into her personal life; such as showing affection towards their pet dog Simba or showing unwavering support of Maguire himself!

How Did Fern and Harry Meet?

Fern Hawkins and Harry Maguire began their love story over a decade ago on June 19, 2011. Since that day, their journey from young lovers to life partners has been full of significant milestones, shared experiences, and mutual growth. Although Maguire’s career can present difficulties at times, their bond has only strengthened over time to serve as a strong support system in both of their lives.

Paris Provided the Stage for Their Proposal

On February 17, 2018 Maguire proposed to Hawkins in one of the world’s most romantic cities; Paris provided the ideal setting for their proposal and engagement announcement by Fern. Not only was their marriage celebrated joyously by Fern and their Instagram feeds were filled with smiles as Maguire showed his romantic side that was often unseen to outsiders, this gesture also revealed more about Maguire than had previously been evident to anyone outside their relationship.

“Their Journey to Marriage

Their engagement period was more than just an anticipation for marriage; it was filled with support, excitement, and memorable moments – most notably during the 2018 World Cup in Russia where Fern was seen cheering Harry and England team on as she displayed her role as an unwavering supporter not just of personal milestones but professional highs and lows as well. Their wedding took place in 2022 as the culmination of years of love, trust, understanding, and companionship between them both.

Parents Embark On Parenthood

Harry and Fern celebrated a joyous first mother/father journey when Lillie Saint Maguire arrived into this world on April 3, 2019, nine months after England defeated Colombia at the World Cup final. Harry and Fern embraced parenthood joyfully; welcoming another daughter named Piper Rose Rose into their lives just 18 months later to further enrich them both with love and happiness.

While Harry Maguire may live his professional life under public scrutiny, Fern Hawkins provides him with much-needed stability behind the scenes. Her support through highs like winning football matches as well as lows such as public criticism has remained constant over his life’s course; their relationship is an inspiring testament that proves every athlete needs someone supporting their success – be it partners who share both victories and setbacks with them.

Harry Maguire and Fern Hawkins represent an example of love, balance, and unwavering support that stands in stark contrast to today’s hectic professional environments. From young lovers to family of four while dealing with high-profile careers shows the strength of their bond; not simply one built on love but mutual respect, support and sharing parenthood joys together makes their story one of two individuals united through life’s changes together.

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