Harris Faulkner, American Television News Broadcaster, Early Life And Her Carrer!

Who Is Harris Faulkner?

Born October 13th 1965 in Atlanta Georgia, Harris Faulkner has made her mark as one of the leading figures within American television news broadcasting. From early life in Georgia up until becoming one of Fox News Channels most recognized faces; Harris’ journey is truly one filled with determination, skill and groundbreaking achievements that continues today.

What Influenced Harris Faulkner’s Early Years?

Faulkner’s success can be found deep within her family roots. Raised by Bobby R. Harris and Shirley Harris, Faulkner was exposed to values of resilience and integrity that would shape both her personal development as well as professional life ethos. These nurturing environments played an essential role in molding Faulkner into who she would ultimately become; further showing the influence familial support has over one’s aspirationsal goals.

How Has Harris Faulkner Ascended Her Career Path?

Faulkner has achieved great success as an investigative reporter at Fox News Channel, quickly making her mark through insightful reporting and dialogue that resonates with audiences through “Outnumbered” and “Outnumbered Overtime”. Faulkner excels at managing complex discussions while remaining calm under scrutiny–something no doubt attributable to her commitment and talent as an exceptional journalist who creates lasting rapport with viewers who love her as one of their own! Her career path stands as proof of this fact!

What Sets Harris Faulkner Apart As an Author?

Faulkner has distinguished herself beyond the news desk as an author with titles like “9 Rules of Engagement: A Military Brat’s Guide to Life and Success” and “9 Rules of Engagement for Parents,” she extends her influence from screen to page. These books not only tell a tale; rather they share insight and wisdom that have inspired readers around the globe. Through authorship Faulkner continues her impactful contributions that share wisdom for personal and professional growth with those she touches.

Why Does Harris Faulkner Have Such an Impactful Career?

Faulkner has made her mark both through her achievements and through breaking barriers that stand between women of color in media and their success in journalism. Faulkner is an inspiring role model to aspiring journalists everywhere – she shows it’s possible with talent and hard work that one can break glass ceilings to contribute meaningfully in journalism!

What Impact Has Harris Faulkner Had On Future Journalists?

Harris Faulkner left behind more than her television and literary accomplishments when it comes to legacy: she stands as an inspiration to young journalists navigating challenges on their path, particularly those encountering obstacles along their own journeys. Faulkner is an example of journalism’s power through her unwavering dedication, impactful work and ability to make waves among her profession. Harris stands as an inspirational role model who shows future generations to pursue excellence while making themselves heard in today’s media landscape.


Harris Faulkner has built her remarkable career on an extraordinary combination of hard work, talent, and dedication to journalism. From her southern roots to national recognition, Faulkner serves as an inspiring testament of perseverance coupled with support and guidance along her journey. Her legacy lives on in her writing as both journalist and author; inspiring colleagues as well as future journalists alike with her unfaltering integrity as both journalist and author – not to mention being an everlasting beacon in journalism world and beyond! Harris Faulkner stands as an embodiment of excellence both through achievements but through an everlasting impact she leaves in journalism world wide influence that endures beyond her achievements alone! Harris Faulkner lives on in journalism world-wide influence that far outlives even her achievements alone!

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