Harlan Crow Wife, When Did He Get Married Kathy Crow And They Have Children?

Harlan Crow is an influential American real estate developer best known as Chairman of Crow Holdings – his late father’s legacy company founded by him and known for managing Dallas Office Building’s development operations at Trammell Crow Company before eventually taking up leadership of Wyndham Hotel Company before overseeing Crow Holdings as Chairman. Harlan entered real estate during the mid 1970s starting off as leasing agent before rising through its ranks to manage Dallas Office Building at Trammell Crow Company before eventually taking control as Chairman at Crow Holdings in 1991.

What Do We Know about Kathy Crow?

Kathy Crow, Harlan Crow’s wife, is not only his partner in marriage but is a prominent figure in educational and philanthropic circles. After receiving both a Bachelors from Princeton and Masters degrees at Southern Methodist University’s (SMU) Cox School of Business respectively, Kathy devoted herself to various executive roles; currently serving on boards such as those for Cox School of Business; Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development and SMU Board of Trustees (where Kathy donated $5 Million towards building Kathy Crow Commons). Her influence on education was highlighted through making an impressive contribution of $5 Million donation towards building Kathy Crow Commons on campus!

How has Harlan Crow impacted politics and society?

Harlan Crow has long been recognized for his support of Republican and conservative causes, providing substantial financial backing for candidates and groups aligned with his beliefs. One such initiative that stands out among his many contributions to politics was founding of Club for Growth as a 501(c)4 nonprofit aimed at economic freedom; since 1996 he also sits as board member at American Enterprise Institute which highlights his involvement with policy development circles.

What Do We Know about Harlan and Kathy Crow’s Family?

Harlan and Kathy Crow are parents to three children: Jack, Rob and Sarah Crow. All three siblings have successfully made their mark in various fields ranging from business, arts and philanthropy – continuing the family legacy. Kathy and Harlan Crow’s role in their children’s upbringing and development was to support each individual as they followed their passions while simultaneously instilling values such as diligence and achievement into each.

Are There Any Controversia Concerning Harlan Crow?

Harlan Crow has often been embroiled in controversy due to his interactions with public figures. Most recently, reports surfaced detailing that Crow gave several high-value items, such as an historically important Bible and portrait to Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as gifts that demonstrated Crow’s connections and influence within high-profile circles. Furthermore, Crow’s contributions to the Justice Thomas Portrait Fund at Yale Law School coupled with luxurious trips provided for Justice Thomas have stirred debate surrounding ethics and transparency issues.

How Has Harlan Crow Impacted His Community?

Harlan Crow has made considerable strides toward strengthening his community beyond business and politics through various philanthropic endeavors. The generous donations that Harlan and his wife, Kathy Crow, made to educational institutions including SMU show their dedication to supporting educational causes while enriching academic environments – the Kathy Crow Commons at SMU is testament to this dedication towards providing facilities and opportunities.

What Legacy Will Harlan Crow Leave Behind?

Harlan Crow has left behind an expansive legacy. From real estate successes, political engagement, philanthropic endeavors and his ongoing management of Crow Holdings – to his family involvement across various fields as they volunteer their own talents – his impact will continue to make an indelible mark both on industry and community development. His family’s longstanding dedication to both business development and community empowerment ensures his legacy will live on for many years to come.

Harlan Crow has left a markful mark upon history through a life and career filled with business success, political influence, and community involvement. His contributions will endure as his legacy lives on as both leader and philanthropist.

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