Griffith Observatory, Globally Recognized Landmark In Los Angeles And Best Places!

Nestled atop Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park, The Griffith Observatory stands as an icon of scientific inquiry and celestial wonderment. Not only can visitors enjoy stunning panoramic views of Los Angeles, Pacific Ocean and famous Hollywood sign, it serves as an educational facility with free admission policies as well as numerous attractions that draw both locals and tourists to gaze upon stars! Managed by City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks it makes this must-visit spot both locals and tourists.

How Can You Visit Griffith Observatory?

Reaching the Griffith Observatory can be quite an adventure in itself, offering various access options tailored to every visitor’s tastes and desires. Car drivers may use one of two parking lots – West Observatory Road or Western Canyon Road for a fee, providing direct access – or free parking is also available nearby in Griffith Park a short distance away.

Los Angeles provides bus and shuttle services that conveniently take visitors directly from and to Griffith Observatory, creating a smooth experience. Active visitors might opt to rent bikes using bike racks available and embark on an uphill bike trip; just remember the Fern Dell Entrance to Griffith Park closes after dark for those using paid parking – therefore arriving earlier would be wise!

What Makes Griffith Park Unique?

Griffith Park, Los Angeles’ sprawling green heart, provides more than just access to its observatory; this expansive parkland invites exploration with rugged terrain, scenic hiking trails and peaceful picnic areas – not to mention cultural gems like Greek Theatre, three city golf courses and even the Los Angeles Zoo – making this perfect for an afternoon of activities and discovery!

Why Visit Samuel Oschin Planetarium?

Samuel Oschin Planetarium stands as one of the premier planetariums worldwide, boasting cutting-edge projection technology and comfortable seating for up to 290 visitors. Here you can relax into an engaging 60 or 90 minute show that transports you across our cosmic home with projections onto its dome above.

What Can the Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon Theatre Provide?

Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon Theatre stands as an essential hub within the observatory, offering visitors access to free films, programs and performances which combine educational material with entertainment that supports its mission as an observatory.

How Does the Gottlieb Transit Corridor Enlighten Visitors?

The Gottlieb Transit Corridor, an educational exhibit stretching 150 feet long and 10 feet wide encased in glass, provides visitors with an impressive picture of celestial body movements such as sun, moon and stars affecting time and day perceptions. This corridor serves both historical charm of an observatory while serving its educational mandate to expand awareness on universal mechanics.


The Griffith Observatory is more than just an iconic Los Angeles landmark; it serves as an entryway into space! Free admission, educational attractions and stunning views combine for an enlightening and rewarding visit experience at this cosmic oasis amidst urban Los Angeles. From hiking Griffith Park uphill or lounging under its dome for Samuel Oschin Planetarium shows to learning celestial movements through Gottlieb Transit Corridor tours; visits here promise an enriching and memorable journey into our cosmos!

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