Dj Mustard Wife, Know Everything About Dj Mustard & His Wife!

DJ Mustard, the renowned music producer, is set to become a father once more. His girlfriend, Britt, shared the exciting news on Mother’s Day through a series of heartfelt social media posts. While details about Mustard and Britt’s relationship are scarce, it is known that Britt’s full name is allegedly Brittany Shroud, according to The Shade Room. On her Instagram profile, she simply goes by Britt.

How Did Britt Announce the Pregnancy?

Britt announced her pregnancy in a touching Instagram post on Mother’s Day. The first post featured a bouquet of red roses with a card that read, “Happy Mother’s Day. I love you so much.” Britt mentioned that this was her first Mother’s Day celebration and revealed she is about seven months pregnant. The post included a small photo insert showing a “Baby Album” with over 40 photos and videos, including sonograms, baby bump selfies, and a video of a man resembling DJ Mustard kissing her belly.

What Did Britt Share About Her Relationship with DJ Mustard?

In a second Instagram post, Britt shared a screenshot of a text thread from January 6, where she thanked someone saved as “Lovie,” likely DJ Mustard, for making her a mom. Mustard’s reply was, “Thank you for letting me make you a mom. I love you more.” This sweet exchange highlighted their happiness about the upcoming arrival. Additionally, a third post on Britt’s Instagram Story showed a side-view of her baby bump, where she proudly displayed her growing belly.

How Have DJ Mustard and Britt Been Linked Romantically?

This isn’t the first time DJ Mustard and Britt have been linked romantically. Photos from Britt’s birthday dinner in May 2023 showed Mustard by her side, looking happy and affectionate. Despite the lack of details about their relationship, these posts and appearances have provided glimpses into their connection and shared joy about the new baby.

What Has Chanel Thierry Said About the News?

Chanel Thierry, DJ Mustard’s estranged wife, has responded subtly to the news of Mustard and Britt’s baby. She shared an Instagram carousel on May 13, showcasing her current lifestyle, but did not explicitly comment on the baby news. Chanel and Mustard have had a turbulent relationship since he filed for divorce in May 2022, after less than two years of marriage but over a decade together. They share three children: Kiylan, Kauner, and Kody.

What Is Happening With Their Divorce and Custody Battle?

The divorce proceedings between DJ Mustard and Chanel Thierry have been contentious. In December, Chanel accused Mustard of attempting to tarnish her image. She revealed that nothing had been settled in their divorce, including child support and co-parenting arrangements. During this time, Britt was already pregnant. Most recently, Mustard requested sole custody of their eldest son, Kiylan, in January, citing concerns over Kiylan’s education as the reason for his request. This custody battle adds another layer of complexity to their ongoing legal issues.

How Has DJ Mustard Responded to the Baby News?

DJ Mustard has not publicly commented on the baby news. His social media activity remains limited, with his only recent Instagram post being a screenshot of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, showing Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Not Like Us’ at number one, which Mustard produced. However, Mustard does follow Britt’s Instagram page, @_brittlove29. Despite the public’s interest, both Mustard and Britt have kept many details of their relationship private.

What’s Next for DJ Mustard and His Family?

With a new baby on the way, DJ Mustard and Britt are likely preparing for the arrival amidst Mustard’s busy career. Fans are eagerly watching for any updates from the couple. As Mustard navigates his personal and professional life, his growing family remains in the spotlight. The upcoming birth marks a new chapter for DJ Mustard, Britt, and their expanding family.

How Does DJ Mustard Balance His Personal and Professional Life?

DJ Mustard, known for his successful career as a music producer, now faces the challenge of balancing his personal life with his professional commitments. The news of his fourth child adds to the dynamics of his responsibilities as a father. Mustard’s ability to manage his career while preparing for a new addition to his family will be closely followed by fans and the media.

What Impact Does This News Have on DJ Mustard’s Public Image?

The news of DJ Mustard expecting a child with Britt while dealing with a public divorce and custody battle with his estranged wife Chanel Thierry adds complexity to his public image. How he navigates these personal challenges alongside his professional achievements will be of significant interest to his followers. Despite the personal upheavals, Mustard continues to make strides in his career, showcasing his resilience and dedication.


DJ Mustard’s announcement of expecting his fourth child with his girlfriend Britt has captivated fans and followers. While the details of their relationship remain private, Britt’s heartfelt posts on Mother’s Day provided a glimpse into their joyous journey. Amidst ongoing divorce and custody battles with his estranged wife Chanel Thierry, Mustard prepares for a new chapter in his life. As he balances fatherhood with his thriving career, the public continues to watch his journey with keen interest. The upcoming birth marks a new beginning for DJ Mustard and Britt, adding to the dynamic story of his life and career.

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