Charley Crockett Wife, Meet His Wife Taylor Grace!

Charley Crockett stands out in today’s music landscape due to his deep connection to American musical traditions. Born in San Benito, Texas in 1984, Crockett has led an extraordinary life, one that speaks of resilience, creativity and paying homage to past achievements.

Who Is Charley Crockett?

From an upbringing marked by travel and music with his single mother, Crockett developed his musical chops across Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma using various genres for inspiration – his lineage being that of Davy Crockett himself; adding yet another layer to his music’s strong American legacy story.

Charley Crockett Is Married

Charley lives with Taylor Grace near Austin, Texas, providing him a strong support network to ground him during his extensive touring schedule – especially evident in works that address personal themes.

Early Life

Crockett has dedicated his career to musical authenticity and storytelling, producing albums such as “The Valley,” “Welcome to Hard Times,” and “Music City USA.” These work showcase his blend of genres that showcases his journey from busking in New Orleans to headlining tours throughout America and Europe, earning critical acclaim at events like Americana Music Honors & Awards as an “Emerging Artist of the Year,” while his appearances on national platforms like Jimmy Kimmel Live! and the Daily Show further cemented his rise.

Crockett was brought up by his single mother in a trailer park environment, immersing him in both survival and musical traditions of the American South. Travels with both her and his uncle to New Orleans introduced him to an array of blues, country, and R&B influences which would influence later his musical output (The Independent; Texas Highways). This diverse upbringing provided a springboard for creativity reflected later in his work.


Its Charley Crockett has written the definitive tale of perseverance, talent, and musical truth with his journey from street corner to stage lights. His dedication to his roots while mastering modern Americana has not only defined his career, but has redefined its boundaries for new generations of country and blues musicians alike. Every album by Crockett immerses listeners into an atmosphere in which past meets present seamlessly while creating timeless albums that captures what life was really all about for Americans themselves.

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