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Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon are two prominent figures in the Philippine entertainment industry. Carlo Aquino, a seasoned actor, has been in the spotlight for several years, known for his versatile roles in both films and television. Charlie Dizon, a rising star, has gained recognition for her performances in various films and TV series. Recently, the duo confirmed their romantic relationship, which has been a subject of much speculation.

When Did Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon Confirm Their Relationship?

The news of Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon dating was confirmed on January 6, 2023. In an interview with ABS-CBN during a media conference for Star Magic and Mavx Productions’ collaboration to promote their film, “I Love Lizzy,” Carlo shared that he and Charlie are in the early stages of getting to know each other. This confirmation came after weeks of speculation and rumors about their relationship.

How Did Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon Meet?

Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon first met in 2020 while working on the action drama series “A Soldier’s Heart.” Their professional relationship flourished during the Star Magic US Tour last year, where they were seen spending time together. The dating rumors gained momentum after the pair was spotted together in La Union, and a group photo posted in December showed them looking comfortable with each other.

What Is Charlie Dizon Known For?

Charlie Dizon is a multi-talented actress, model, and singer. Born on April 12, 1996, she began her acting career with the 2017 romantic comedy film, “Finally Found Someone,” which was a box office success. Dizon has since appeared in several films, including “Seven Sundays,” “Loving in Tandem,” “Sin Island,” “Pandanggo sa Hukay,” “Four Sisters Before the Wedding,” and “Fan Girl.” Her performances have been well-received, establishing her as a versatile actress in the industry.

On television, Charlie Dizon is best known for her role as Marikit/Halina in the ABS-CBN drama fantasy series “Bagani,” which aired from March to August 2018. She gained further recognition for her portrayal of Isabel Gezali in “A Soldier’s Heart,” which aired from January to September 2020. Despite facing some controversies, the show was praised by audiences.

Dizon has also made significant appearances in other TV shows such as “ASAP,” “Maalaala Mo Kaya,” “Parasite Island,” “My Sunset Girl,” “Viral Scandal,” and “I Can See Your Voice.” Her popularity extends to social media, where she has around 652,000 followers on Instagram.

What Is Carlo Aquino’s Background?

Carlo Aquino has been a staple in the Philippine entertainment scene for many years. He was previously in a relationship with Trina Candaza, with whom he shares a daughter, Enola Mithi, born in September 2020. The couple separated in April 2022, after three years together. Although Aquino did not publicly discuss the reasons for their separation, rumors began circulating in January 2022 when Trina posted cryptic messages about infidelity.

Carlo Aquino has made a name for himself with notable performances in films such as “Expensive Candy,” “Isa Pa with Feelings,” “Ulan,” “Exes Baggage,” and “Meet Me in St. Gallen.” His versatility as an actor has also been showcased in TV shows like “Daddy’s Gurl,” “Playhouse,” “The Better Half,” “We Will Survive,” and “FlordeLiza.”

What Are the Recent Projects of Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon?

Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon are currently promoting their film “I Love Lizzy,” a collaboration between Star Magic and Mavx Productions. Their professional collaboration on this project has further cemented their status as a power couple in the entertainment industry. Fans are eagerly anticipating their on-screen chemistry and the potential for future projects together.

How Have Fans Reacted to Their Relationship?

Fans of Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon have expressed excitement and support for their relationship. Social media platforms were abuzz with congratulatory messages and well-wishes after the couple confirmed their dating status. The age gap of 11 years between Carlo and Charlie has not been a major concern for their supporters, who are more focused on their happiness and compatibility.

What Does the Future Hold for Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon?

As Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon continue to explore their relationship, fans are optimistic about their future together. Both actors have successful careers and a strong fan base, which bodes well for their personal and professional lives. Their collaboration in “I Love Lizzy” is just the beginning of what many hope will be a series of successful projects together.


Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon’s relationship has captured the attention of fans and the media alike. Their confirmation of dating marks a new chapter in their lives, both personally and professionally. As they continue to build their careers and explore their relationship, fans will undoubtedly be cheering them on every step of the way. With their talent and chemistry, Carlo and Charlie are poised to become one of the most beloved couples in the Philippine entertainment industry.

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