Carlo Ancelotti Wife, Family, Career And Personal Life

The world is fascinated by the love story of Carlo Ancelotti, the renowned Italian football manager, and his wife, Mariann Barrena McClay. While Carlo’s professional achievements in football are well-known, his personal life, especially his relationship with Mariann, continues to intrigue fans.

How Did Their Romance Begin?

Carlo Ancelotti, born on June 10, 1959, in Reggiolo, Italy, is 64 years old as of January 2024. His career in football management has taken him to the heights of success, including his tenure as the manager of Real Madrid. However, it was in London, between 2009 and 2011, where a significant personal chapter began. During this period, Ancelotti met Mariann Barrena McClay in a restaurant, marking the start of their romance.

Who is Mariann Barrena McClay?

Mariann, born in 1970, is approximately 53 years old as of January 2024. She is a Canadian native with Spanish origins, born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. The couple’s age difference of 11 years did not deter their blossoming relationship. Ancelotti, who was coaching Chelsea at the time, approached Barrena in a restaurant, and they fell in love at first sight, as reported by Mundo Sportivo.

What is Mariann’s Background?

Mariann Barrena McClay comes from a diverse and accomplished background. Her father, Antonio Barrena, was a marine scientist specializing in turbines. Born in Sigüenza, Guadalajara, Spain, Antonio studied at the Faculty of Marine Sciences in Barcelona before moving to Canada for work. Mariann’s mother, María Concepción Gutiérrez, known as Concha, was born in Santander, Cantabria, Spain. She studied Philosophy and Letters before joining her husband in Canada. However, the couple later divorced, and Antonio returned to Spain.

Who is in Mariann’s Family?

Mariann has one sibling, Victoria Barrena. Details about their childhood remain sparse, but it is clear that Mariann’s upbringing was influenced by her parents’ academic and cultural background. Mariann was previously married to an unnamed mining magnate, with whom she had a daughter, Chloe McClay. Chloe’s life remains largely private, away from the public eye.

What About Carlo Ancelotti’s Family?

Carlo Ancelotti has two children from his previous marriage to Luisa Gibellini, who passed away in 2022. His eldest daughter, Katia Ancelotti, was born on April 18, 1984, in Rome, Italy. Katia, now 39 years old, is married to Mino Fulco and has two children. Carlo’s son, Davide Ancelotti, has followed in his father’s footsteps and is an assistant manager at Real Madrid. A Sports Sciences graduate, Davide played as a central midfielder before transitioning into a coaching role.

How Do They Manage Their Blended Family?

Despite the complexities of blended families, Carlo and Mariann have managed to create a harmonious environment. They occasionally share glimpses of their life together on social media, delighting fans with their loving relationship and family moments. Mariann’s support has undoubtedly played a role in Carlo’s sustained excellence.

What Are Carlo Ancelotti’s Professional Achievements?

While Carlo Ancelotti’s personal life thrives, his professional career remains impressive. As the manager of Real Madrid, he continues to lead the team to success, further solidifying his legacy in football. Carlo’s career in football management has been marked by numerous achievements. He has managed top clubs like AC Milan, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid. His success with these clubs has earned him a reputation as one of the best football managers in the world.

How Did Carlo and Mariann Support Each Other?

Carlo Ancelotti and Mariann Barrena McClay’s relationship is built on mutual support and understanding. Mariann’s diverse background and experiences have enriched their life together. Her ability to maintain privacy and focus on family has provided a stable foundation for their relationship. Carlo’s dedication to his career and his ability to balance his professional and personal life have also contributed to their enduring love.

How Do They Balance Public and Private Lives?

The couple has managed to balance their public and private lives effectively. While Carlo is often in the limelight due to his football career, Mariann prefers to keep a low profile. This balance allows them to enjoy their personal life without unnecessary public scrutiny. Their ability to maintain this balance is a testament to their strong bond and mutual respect.

What Can Fans Expect in the Future?

As Carlo Ancelotti continues to achieve success with Real Madrid, fans can expect to see more of his professional accomplishments. However, it is their personal love story that continues to captivate many. The couple’s journey together, marked by love, support, and mutual respect, serves as an inspiration to many. Their ability to maintain a strong relationship amidst the pressures of public life is truly admirable.


The love story of Carlo Ancelotti and Mariann Barrena McClay is a fascinating blend of professional success and personal happiness. Their journey together, from their first meeting in London to their harmonious blended family, highlights the strength of their relationship. As they continue to navigate their lives together, both in the public eye and in private, their story remains a captivating tale of love and support.

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