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Captain Sandy Yawn is a well-known star of “Below Deck Mediterranean,” a popular reality TV series on Bravo. She is celebrated for her exceptional skills as a yacht captain and her charismatic leadership. Leah Shafer, her wife, is a talented singer and an aesthetician. The couple has been together since 2018 and recently tied the knot, marking a significant milestone in their relationship.

How Did Captain Sandy Yawn and Leah Shafer Meet?

Captain Sandy Yawn and Leah Shafer’s love story began in 2018. Their connection was instant, and they quickly became inseparable. Over the years, they have been open about their relationship, often sharing their journey and experiences with their fans. Their love story is one of mutual respect, support, and admiration, making them a beloved couple in the public eye.

What Was Their Wedding Like?

Captain Sandy Yawn and Leah Shafer exchanged vows in a “beautiful” ceremony aboard a yacht earlier this month. The wedding was a joyous celebration, surrounded by family and friends. The picturesque setting and the intimate atmosphere made it a memorable event for the couple. Their wedding symbolized their deep love and commitment to each other, marking the beginning of their married life.

How Did They Spend Their Honeymoon?

The couple’s honeymoon was a delightful escape, albeit a brief one. They spent three days on a brand new Sunseeker 90-footer boat, courtesy of Captain Sandy’s boss, John Flynn. Their destination was Little Palm Island, known for its exclusivity and serene environment. During their honeymoon, they indulged in various activities, including riding wave runners and exploring the town in Florida.

“We had great food. I ate a lot because we didn’t eat a lot before the wedding,” Captain Sandy shared. “We made up for it. We slept a lot. Oh, my God we rested, we played in the sun … [and we were] playing in the water.” The short but sweet honeymoon allowed them to relax and enjoy each other’s company away from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives.

What Are Their Future Plans?

Despite their busy schedules, Captain Sandy and Leah are planning a secondary getaway to continue their honeymoon celebrations. Leah mentioned that they might take a trip in July. “I got my fairy tale, but [in] July, [we] will probably take a trip,” she said. Their goal is to make every moment together special, turning ordinary days into extraordinary experiences.

How Do They Embrace Their Newlywed Bliss?

Captain Sandy and Leah are basking in their newlywed bliss, cherishing every moment they have together. Leah emphasized that every moment they spend together feels like a honeymoon. “At this stage of our lives … every moment we have together, we make it into a honeymoon,” she said. Their spontaneous adventures and shared experiences strengthen their bond and bring them closer.

How Do They Feel About Their Marriage?

For Leah, getting married to Captain Sandy was a surreal experience. She expressed her joy and pride in taking Sandy’s last name and becoming her wife. “It just feels good to be like, ‘Wow, I’m her wife.’ When we check into a hotel, it’s like, ‘It’s the Yawn party.’ It’s a really good feeling,” Leah shared. Their marriage represents a new chapter in their lives, filled with love, acceptance, and happiness.

How Have Their Families Reacted?

Captain Sandy and Leah have received overwhelming support and acceptance from their family and friends. This acceptance has made their journey even more special. Leah highlighted the beauty of their love story and the celebration of their union, which has been embraced by their loved ones. The support from their families has played a crucial role in their happiness and contentment.

What’s Next for Captain Sandy Yawn on Below Deck Mediterranean?

Fans of Captain Sandy Yawn can look forward to seeing her return on “Below Deck Mediterranean.” The new season premieres on Bravo on Monday, June 3, at 9 p.m. ET. Viewers can expect more of Sandy’s exceptional leadership and the thrilling adventures of the yacht crew as they navigate the high seas. Her personal life, including her recent marriage, will undoubtedly add an exciting dimension to the show.


Captain Sandy Yawn and Leah Shafer’s love story is a testament to the power of love, commitment, and support. Their journey from meeting in 2018 to their recent wedding and honeymoon reflects their deep connection and shared values. As they continue to build their life together, they remain an inspiration to many, demonstrating that true love can flourish at any stage of life. Fans eagerly await more updates from the couple and look forward to seeing Captain Sandy on the upcoming season of “Below Deck Mediterranean.”

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