Buster Murdaugh Girlfriend, Net Worth, Is He Curruntly Dating With Brooklynn White?

Buster Murdaugh found refuge and companionship from his high-profile legal drama within his Murdaugh family with Brooklynn White as his companion, offering invaluable support through their relationship. Forged amid great hardship, their partnership is a fascinating tale of loyalty, love, and perseverance amidst chaos – here we explore who Brooklynn White is as an individual, how the couple met, and their dynamics together.

Who Is Brooklynn White?

Brooklynn White first made headlines when she traveled from Rock Hill, South Carolina, to Alabama in 2014 for her college education at the University of Alabama in Political Science – leading her into legal studies at South Carolina Law School which would lead her on her way towards earning a juris doctor degree sometime between 2018-2021.

White’s time at law school was punctuated with internships at various law firms along the South Carolina coastline and her role as a criminal law tutor. After graduation, she joined Olivetti McCray & Withrow of Hilton Head as an Estate Planner specializing in probate administration and trust administration matters; her commitment to helping others through complex legal hurdles attests to her passion and devotion in this field of law.

How Did Buster and Brooklynn Meet?

Buster and Brooklynn met during their time at University of South Carolina Law School. Although Buster experienced difficulties academically – including being expelled over an alleged plagiarism incident – their paths crossed, creating the basis of what would later become their relationship. Once established within academia, this connection flourished into mutual support and understanding in real life.

How Are Their Relations Structured?

Buster and Brooklynn have always been at the centre of much intrigue and debate, ever since their relationship first came into focus during Alex Murdaugh’s trial for killing Maggie and Paul Buster’s parents – already well established at that point – was thrust further into public view due to her constant presence by Buster during this turbulent time, both inside and outside courtroom proceedings. Brooklynn provided unwavering support during these trying times by being by Buster’s side when needed most during Alex Murdaugh’s case against Buster’s trial against Murdaugh’s accusers; she always stood beside him throughout his ordeal, providing unfailing assistance during these trying circumstances.

Following Alex Murdaugh’s conviction at trial and his sentencing to prison in Hilton Head, his partner sought solace and privacy at their condo there – evidenced by their shared moments such as walking their dogs together immediately following the verdict. This period showcased both their resilience and strength of relationship – further illustrated by these intimate times such as walking them together daily post verdict.

Calculating Buster Murdaugh’s Net Worth

Though the Murdaugh family’s travails have been well documented, ascertaining Buster Murdaugh’s net worth remains difficult. Estimations range widely, from $550,000 up to possible estimates of $5 Million by 2023 – an indication of just how complex their financial affairs may be and difficulty ascertaining precise figures.


Buster Murdaugh and Brooklynn White share an endearing romance against a backdrop of family scandal and tragedy. Their journey together, from law school acquaintances to partners navigating an international legal saga that riveted millions, sheds light on personal aspects of an epic tale that captured national interest. Their bond serves as testament to human resilience despite hardship.

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