Brandon Blackstock, What Kelly Clarkson Legal Moves On Her Ex-husband Blackstock?

What Was Behind Clarkson & Blackstock’s Legal Warfare?

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s ongoing legal dispute has taken an unexpected twist, as Clarkson seeks to uphold and potentially increase a $2.6 million award granted her last year by the California Labor Commission. Since her filing for divorce on June 4, 2020 citing irreconcilable differences, legal battles between them have ensued, leading her to seek an affirmation or expansion of that award from California Labor Commissioner.

How has Blackstock responded to Clarkson’s legal moves?

Blackstock and his management firm Starstruck Management have filed documents obtained by People that contest Clarkson’s cross-complaint filed to uphold the Labor Commission award, in an attempt to overturn it and overrule Clarkson. Their responses claim Clarkson improperly filed her lawsuit outside jurisdiction as she failed to submit an appeal notice within 10 days following Labor Commissioner decision.

What Are Their Key Issues in Their Legal Dispute?

At the core of their legal dispute is an allegation that Blackstock was improperly licensed to broker certain business deals for Clarkson, including her judge role on NBC’s The Voice as well as contracts with Wayfair, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Billboard Music Awards. According to California Labor Commission’s November 2023 ruling on this matter, it appears Blackstock illegally collected over $2.6 Million since October 20, 2019 through these contracts with him collecting unjust commissions of which Blackstock wrongfully collected an unlawful commission amounting to more than $2.6 Million since October 20, 2019. California Labor Commission issued their ruling and collected over $2.6 Million since October 20, 2019

What Are the Financial Implications of Their Divorce?

Financially, their divorce was costly. Following its resolution in March 2022, Clarkson was ordered to pay Blackstock an one-time lump sum payment of over $1.3 million as well as monthly child support payments of $45,000 per month and spousal support payments totalling approximately $124,000 each month until January 31, 2024 – this settlement came on top of any legal disputes surrounding management fees that had ensued between them.

What Is Blackstock’s Argument Regarding Jurisdiction?

Blackstock’s legal team contends that talk show host Amanda Bynes’ complaint should be dismissed because it was filed in an inappropriate jurisdiction and due to failing to file an adequate notice of appeal within time frame, as well as failing to include sufficient facts that constitute a cause of action against Starstruck in her complaint itself.

How are Alleged Commissions Being Handled?

Blackstock’s defense rests heavily on his claim that any commissions he earned were paid into their joint estate, meaning any damages awarded should be reduced accordingly. This contention compounds both financial aspects of their divorce proceedings as well as subsequent legal disputes between both parties.

What Are My Next Steps in This Legal Drama?

Legal proceedings continue with uncertain outcomes; licensing, jurisdiction and ownership disputes present an intricate legal landscape that both legal teams must carefully navigate in order to reach resolution of this post-divorce matter. Clarkson’s pursuit to not only maintain but expand on their prior award adds another element of intensity into their post-divorce proceedings.

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock remain locked in an ongoing legal dispute that encompasses intricate legal arguments, high financial stakes and deeply personal components – all taking place under public and legal scrutiny. While both parties prepare their next moves in preparation of any possible drama to play out. Fans from their industry watch closely in anticipation.

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