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Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale, who have been together for over a decade, may soon tie the knot. Despite referring to each other as husband and wife, the couple has yet to make it official. Byrne, 43, recently told PEOPLE that marriage is definitely on their agenda, but the challenge lies in finding the right time due to their busy schedules.

How Did Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale Meet?

The couple met through mutual friends in 2012 and publicly confirmed their relationship in 2013. Since then, they have built a strong partnership both personally and professionally. Byrne and Cannavale share two sons, Rocco, 7, and Raphael, 5, and often work together on various film projects.

What Is the Secret to Their Strong Relationship?

Byrne attributes their strong bond to mutual respect and shared interests. She speaks highly of Cannavale, calling him “a true artist.” Their collaborations extend beyond their personal lives into their professional ones, making them a formidable team. Byrne admits to being a fan of Cannavale’s work before they became friends and partners, which has made their professional collaborations feel seamless.

What Movies Have They Worked on Together?

Byrne and Cannavale have appeared in over six movies together. Their most recent project is “Inappropriate Behavior,” a comedy directed by Tony Goldwyn and starring Robert De Niro. Byrne describes this film as a “special project,” showcasing the couple’s ability to balance their professional and personal lives.

How Do They Balance Work and Parenting?

Balancing work and parenting is a priority for Byrne and Cannavale. Byrne shares that their home life often involves running lines for their projects while doing household chores, like dishes. This routine helped them stay connected and prepared for their roles. Despite their busy schedules, parenting takes precedence when they are home. Byrne emphasizes that discussions about their children’s schedules often overshadow their work-related conversations.

What Is Rose Byrne’s Take on Weddings?

Byrne is a fan of weddings and finds them “very moving.” She has enjoyed being a bridesmaid twice and looks forward to her own nuptials with Cannavale. Byrne, who is currently starring in “Platonic” on Apple TV+, assures that marriage is something they will eventually get around to.

How Do They Handle Professional Collaborations?

Their professional collaborations are described as fun and rewarding. Byrne enjoys working with Cannavale and finds the experience seamless due to their strong connection. They even practiced scripts for the Australian play “Medea” at home, integrating their professional lives into their personal space. This dedication to their craft, while maintaining a solid home life, is a testament to their partnership.

How Do Their Children Fit into Their Lives?

Rocco and Raphael are at the center of Byrne and Cannavale’s lives. Byrne ensures that her children are part of her career decisions. She recently voiced a character on “Bluey,” an animated show about a healer dog on Disney+, which her children are eagerly awaiting. Byrne’s ability to integrate her professional work with her role as a mother highlights her commitment to both her family and career.

What Does the Future Hold for Byrne and Cannavale?

Looking ahead, Byrne and Cannavale’s future appears bright, both professionally and personally. Their strong partnership, mutual respect, and ability to balance their busy schedules bode well for their upcoming marriage. Byrne’s enthusiasm for weddings and her positive outlook on their relationship suggest that they will eventually make their union official.

How Do They Manage Public and Private Lives?

Despite their high-profile careers, Byrne and Cannavale manage to keep a balanced and grounded family life. They maintain privacy while sharing relatable aspects of their lives with the public. Their ability to work together on projects while raising their children shows their strong commitment to family values and professional excellence.


Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale’s relationship exemplifies a modern partnership that balances love, work, and family. With a decade-long relationship and two children, they have proven their commitment to each other. While marriage is on the horizon, their current focus remains on their children and their collaborative projects. Byrne’s affection for weddings and Cannavale’s artistic talents make them a dynamic duo, poised for a bright future both on and off the screen. Their journey together continues to inspire fans, reflecting the joys and challenges of balancing a successful career with a fulfilling family life.

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