Bigi Jackson, Know As Prince Michael Jackson Younger Son!

Bigi Jackson (formerly Blanket) is the youngest son of legendary pop icon Michael Jackson and born Prince Michael Jackson II on February 21, 2002. Michael fondly refers to Bigi as his “Blanket,” an affectionate term of endearment given him by Bigi himself as an endearment term. Bigi first made headlines by being introduced by Michael via controversial means when being suspended over a balcony with only towels covering him as protection, something which Michael later admitted had been done wrongly and acknowledged being his mistake.

After Michael Jackson died, Bigi Jackson was raised primarily by Katherine Jackson. While Paris and Prince have taken more public roles since Michael died, Bigi has kept to himself; only occasionally appearing at major events or for interviews.

What are Bigi’s interests and passions?

Bigi Jackson has pursued many interests throughout his life. His particular areas of passion are film history and climate change; along with Prince, Bigi launched a YouTube channel where they review movies together showcasing Bigi’s extensive knowledge in these subjects as a legacy from their father who encouraged Bigi to learn as early as he did.

He takes great pride in protecting the environment as part of his life philosophy, emphasizing in interviews his strong commitment to climate change mitigation by emphasizing his generation’s awareness and action on environmental matters.

How Does Bigi Relate to His Siblings?

Bigi is very close with his siblings, particularly Prince. Growing up together under similar experiences has strengthened their bond. Celebrating milestones together — like Bigi’s 18th birthday — as well as working on creative projects together such as their film review YouTube channel reinforce their close bonds which stem from shared upbringings and values instilled by their father is at the core of these strong ties between siblings.

What Role Does Bigi Play in Upholding Michael Jackson’s Legacy?

Bigi Jackson has dedicated much of his life and career to honoring and perpetuating Michael Jackson’s legacy, taking great care to uphold and perpetuate it while being mindful of both its cultural and historical importance. As part of these commemorative efforts, he often participates in media interviews or public appearances focused around honoring Michael’s memory or discussing its influence in music or philanthropy.

How Was Bigi Involved in the Estate Dispute?

Bigi was initially involved in a legal dispute regarding Michael Jackson’s estate management in March 2024. He challenged a decision allowing Katherine Jackson, his grandmother, to use estate funds for legal battles against estate executors; specifically involving Sony’s proposed sale of Michael’s catalog sale for $600 Million to Bigi, initially opposing this agreement initially but eventually coming around to view that legal battles against executors as misallocation of resources that did not benefit Bigi and Katherine as much as initially proposed.

What Does Bigi Jackson Seek In Her Future?

Bigi Jackson will continue to develop as he matures; his roles and interests may change accordingly; however, his current activities suggest a balance between personal privacy and selective public engagement. With his father’s legacy at hand, Bigi could influence both Jackson family culture and wider societal concerns in equal measures.

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