Austin Ekeler Wife, The Timeline Of The Relationship Between Dancer Melanie Wilking And Nfl Player

In the game of love, NFL player Austin Ekeler scored when he met dancer Melanie Wilking. Their relationship, which began in 2021, blossomed through the power of social media. The NFL star made the first move by sending Melanie a direct message, sparking a romance that would capture the hearts of many.

What Makes Their Relationship Unique?

Together since 2021, the football star and TikToker have danced their way into people’s hearts with their fun social media videos and unique love story. Perhaps the greatest quality between this duo is their support for one another’s careers. Whenever it was time for football, Melanie could always be found in the stands, showing off game day outfits in support of her favorite running back. Not to be outdone, Austin would happily appear in his partner’s TikTok videos, where they frequently danced and exercised together.

How Do They Support Each Other’s Careers?

Melanie Wilking, who rose to fame on social media with her sister Miranda Derrick, has always been a supportive partner. She consistently shows up to Austin’s games, cheering him on and sharing her game day fits on social media. On the other hand, Austin joins Melanie in her TikTok videos, participating in various challenges and dance routines. One notable moment was in October 2023, when Melanie posted a video of the two engaging in a couple’s challenge, captioning it, “Low quality video. High quality memories. 😂 #losangeles #relationships #challenge#partneryoga.”

When Did Austin Propose to Melanie?

Their relationship took a significant step forward in August 2023. On a sunny summer night, Austin Ekeler proposed to Melanie Wilking by the ocean in Laguna Beach, California. Melanie shared her excitement on Instagram, posting, “Soooo this happened!!!💍Can’t wait to marry my best friend❤️,” along with a picture of her new engagement ring. She added, “I can do this trend for real now🥹💍 #fiance #engaged.”

How Did They Celebrate Their Engagement?

Months before their wedding day, the engaged couple received a special party in honor of their relationship status. Melanie expressed her gratitude on Instagram, writing, “I cannot thank my parents enough for the beautiful shower they hosted for Austin and I. Living so far from family is hard, so it was great seeing everyone and having them meet the man who makes me feel so special.”

What Career Move Did Austin Make in 2024?

In March 2024, Austin Ekeler, who was a longtime Los Angeles Chargers running back, signed a two-year deal with the Washington Commanders. The contract was reportedly worth up to $11.43 million. This move meant that the couple needed to find a new house closer to Washington D.C. Melanie shared their moving experience on Instagram, saying, “Moving to the DMV and slowly but surely getting furniture. #moving #movingday #travel #dmv #dc #washingtondc.”

How Did Melanie Celebrate Her Bachelorette Party?

Before officially becoming a bride, Melanie Wilking celebrated her bachelorette party with her closest girlfriends in Las Vegas. On April 29, she posted about the event on Instagram, writing, “When the bridal party are dancers💃💕 My bachelorette weekend was so incredibly fun! I got to be with my besties and stay in the fabulous Blush Suite at the @palms 😍 It was hands down the cutest & most gorgeous hotel room I’ve ever stayed in!”

What Was Their Wedding Day Like?

Before a brand-new NFL season kicked off, Austin Ekeler and Melanie Wilking exchanged vows during a romantic wedding ceremony at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa in Las Vegas. The ceremony was everything they had ever wanted and more. Melanie told People, “To have all of our family members travel to Las Vegas to celebrate our love is something I could have only dreamed about. We are so thankful.”

How Did Melanie’s Relationship with Her Sister Affect the Wedding?

Melanie was also able to celebrate her wedding day with her sister, Miranda Derrick. Their relationship has been highlighted in the Netflix docuseries “Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult,” which premiered on May 29, 2024. Despite any past tensions, Melanie and Miranda shared a joyous occasion, making the wedding even more special.

What Is Next for Austin and Melanie?

As they embark on this new chapter, Austin Ekeler and Melanie Wilking continue to support each other’s careers while building a life together. With Austin’s new position with the Washington Commanders and their shared passion for creating engaging social media content, their future looks bright. Their love story, which began with a simple DM, is a testament to the power of connection and the importance of mutual support in a relationship.

Conclusion: Why Is Their Story Inspiring?

Austin Ekeler and Melanie Wilking’s journey from a social media connection to a loving marriage is an inspiring tale of modern romance. Their unwavering support for each other’s careers, coupled with their fun and engaging social media presence, has endeared them to fans worldwide. As they continue to navigate life together, their story serves as a beautiful reminder of the power of love and partnership.

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